Skincare Calendar January, February, March

Does your annual planner include beauty, health, and wellness goals and topics? Embracing the season applies to more than just our kitchens and wardrobes.

Going with the seasonal flow can ease our beauty routines, our general well-being and life. Here are some notes, thoughts and ideas from my own 2015 agenda for January, February and March.beautycalypse-skincare-calendar-january


Time to check all your skincare products, cosmetic and/or medical, for expiring best-by dates.
Liquid products packaged in jars – balms, butters, oily scrubs, body creams – can start breaking up even earlier, just like any liquid product with direct skin contact (lipsticks, lip glosses, oils in roll-on bottles).


Use sunscreen! In Germany and Central Europe, the UVB rays are too weak to help our bodies synthesise the much-needed Vitamin D. The dangerous UVA rays are sadly just as active, and known to easily penetrate standard house and car windows. Of course, using sunscreen when in snowy regions and/or when skiing up high in the mountains is a must.
Non-nano coated zinc oxide based, certified organic products are my personal favourites (like the one I wrote about here), the shorter the INCI list, the better. Zinc Oxide has been proved to be non-toxic, and shields off both UVB and UVA rays.


In terms of beauty, a new hair cut or colour is a thing I would usually try in January – the holiday parties are over, and should the colour or cut turn atrocious, you can hide it under wooly hats and fancy beanies until March 🙂


Seeing a lot of orange faces in turtlenecks lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that the colour reminder is due: we tend to look paler in winter. Adjust your foundation – and don’t forget a touch of blush. Just in case you’ve missed it, my 5 Hacks + Reasons to Wear Blush post is actually a lil’ gem of lighthearted fun with some seriously sensible advice.beautycalypse-skincare-calendar-february


If you need to have medical treatments done, such as spider veins or naevus laser treatments, dermabrasions of pigmented spots etc., doctors suggest to book those in January through March rather than during summer months.


Get a loooooot of sleep. Wintery weather is likely to stay well until the end of March, so there are two months of unpredictable rain-snow greyness ahead of us. Best to face them well-rested.
Personal goal: I sure hope to rock my early to bed routine by then!


If January was too messy and busy, now’s the perf time to get your sports shoes, yoga pants or boxing gloves on: after all, the muscle tone of your body is the key factor to naturally supple, firm skin!


Due to winter colds, our skin shows the first signs of seasonal dryness by now: if oily, it feels “normal”, if normal, it gets dry. Make sure to avoid heavily water-based moisturisers and make-up. And what our grandmas have told us, rings true: let at least 30 minutes pass between shower/moisturising and getting out into the cold.beautycalypse-skincare-calendar-march


If winter blues has been haunting you for the past months, taking a break (a weekend in a spa hotel?) might help lift the spirits. Book gentle, energising treatments, eat clean, try one or two new, healthy recipes, let yourself immerge in the streamlined happiness of a healthy time off.


A humble but efficient urban beauty trick for them wintery beanie faces: have your eyebrows shaped.


Personally, I’m not a fan of aggressive peelings as offered by dermatologists and much less by beauticians – the kind of treatment that has your face skin literally peel off like some overcooked jacket potato. Howevs, if you’re into such stuff and need to rock this world’s red carpets, now’s the last time of year to do it – in April, the sun activity is back on, and no doctor in their right mind will offer laser or peeling treatments. (Still talking Middle Europe dwellers. Adjust to your timezone.) Also if you have to use acid- or retinol-based skincare, it is best used during winter months.
Again, sunscreen. All the time. Because UVA, guys.

Well, that’s it from my:beautycalypse-my-skincare-calendar

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  1. Sleep, yes, I will take as much of that as I can get in both winter and summer. I am wondering if I can squeeze (and afford) a small holiday in Fiji during our NZ winter. Just me! and 7 days or so of pampering.

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