My fool-proof, time-tested tiny list of 5 cool things to kick-start your 2015 right.


1 “I’m in control!”

Get a pretty and practical new planner – or a very decent calendar app with great usability and all functions you need personally.

2 “I’m free!”

Dispose of books you never read, clothes you never wear, and those vintage ancient yucky chapsticks bought ten years ago that live in the shadows of your pockets. (You get the gist.)

3 “I’m polite!”

Send thank you cards or beautiful thank you emails (my tip: Paperless Post) to those nice individuals who have surprised you with their Christmas greetings.

4 “I’m thinking of you!”

In January: schedule breakfast or lunch with a friend you haven’t managed to meet in 2014.

5 “I feel great!”

In January: schedule a meeting with a professional trainer or food consultant; or book a spa treatment, a facial or a massage to infuse the month of January with a healthy, relaxed spirit. Reward yourself for all the hard work in 2014!2015-new-year-checklist(1) A cute Moleskine I found in summer, lovely Le Petit Prince design. (2) Things that clutter: no compromise – decide to dispose once and never look back. (3) Paperless Post Thank You designs. (4) Enjoying a glass of wine with a friend, already scheduled! (5) My scheduled beauty treatment: can’t wait to discover ILA in a boutique SPA in Berlin!

Now it’s your turn, Adventurer.
If there was a fairy who could perform three magic spells to make your life simpler and better, what would you ask for?

11 replies on “Check Off This List for a Shiny New Year!

  1. 1) A greater sense of accomplishment.
    2) More security (literally and metaphorically).
    3) Help in continuing to find peace.

    Happy New Year my wonderful warrior!

    1. Heather, Happy New Year to you, Rémy and the furry boys 🙂

      I think your wish list 2-3 reveals that you’re a Seeker and a Traveller, and #1 can be a magic fuel to really get things done. I know that nagging feeling – it’s just important to remind ourselves to determine whether it’s coming from a place of love, curiosity and fulfillment (good!) or from a place of greed, anxiety and stress (booo, go away!). I am very positive that you’re in the right place, and that your creativity will find more and more powerful ways to create!

      1. Merci, wonderful one and thank you for your kindness and inspiration, yet again!

  2. Love these tips! OMG, I’m obsessed with anything Little Prince – that diary is so gorgeous 🙂 I couldn’t bear to part with it when the year is over!

  3. Excellent tips. And thanks for reminding me about Paperless Post. And I would like 3 fairies to perform one big task; finish removing my clutter. I went to Australia for 10 days to see my parents. I come home and find I have lost my place in the sorting process and am not sure where to start from again. 😀

    1. Gosh! 😀 Quite a project, eh? But I imagine how happy you will feel when you’re finished, and I start ogling my (still cluttered) closets anew. *sigh* I have sorted through so much already and still so much to do.

    1. It can’t hurt 🙂 I also tend to plow through my address books and look up any “dead souls” 😀

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