The Quest Report

After looking at my most ethical & fab finds of 2014, today let’s wrap up this year with a Quest evaluation. Insights inside! 😉

I haven’t shared with you the complexity of reasons that have started and fuelled my green’n’clean Quest in the first place (I promise to do so, and to organise all sub-Quests on this page), so I presume this post comes closest.
Here are my Quest-related goals for 2014, some of which I’ve announced in my NY Resulutions post and their end-of-year status.2014-BC-quest-reportOne day I might as well discuss parts of my Quest that have never happened on this blog because they are history by now 😉 such as: giving up smoking, going clean & veg, getting rid of severe, chronic migraines; figuring out and getting rid of major non-psychological reasons for depression, fatigue and loss of concentration; personal growth, and then some more.

“I’ll Have What She’s Having” Beauty Quest:
1 of 2 Goals

Goal reached:
1 Normalise skin prone to blemishes and breakouts.
I am really blessed in the hair department – it’s TV-commercial level bouncy, shiny, full, and hasn’t yet greyed. My nails are as ad-worthy, and I mustn’t grumble about my physique either. It’s my skin that makes me sad.
Long story short: going gluten-free in addition to going veg has significantly improved my skin, made it less irritated and less prone to inflammations. Inflammations and imperfections still occur, but they disappear easier and don’t get as bad as they used
2 Obtain a skin condition that gets people asking what I do. I think this goal is maybe reached in parts, since my skin is firm, supple and nearly free from wrinkles (thanks, face gym!). It’s the breakout part that needs to calm down completely. 2015, looking at you!

Eat Clean Diet Quest:
3 of 5 Goals

Goals reached:
1 Establish a sensible, doable dietary plan that helps me go as vegan as possible and combines gluten-free/ wheat-free options.
2 Have a detox plan for all eating emergencies, both overindulging (binge eating macarons, yeah!!!11), and gluten emergencies.
3 Don’t skip lunch!
4 Make sure to drink enough throughout the day. It works most of the time, but then there are days when the first cup of tea lasts me hours. Duh…
5 Make sure to have a 12 hours break between dinner and breakfast aka The Daily Detox. As much as I have tried to maintain a healthy sleep routine, the latter hit the wall in winter and due to a sh#tload of work. Something to fix in 2015, then!

Independent Beauty Quest:
1 of 1 Goals!

Goal reached:
1 Become as independent from beauty stuffs as a girl my age can be. I can go without make-up and without skincare products, but this is calling for a post series, I suppose 🙂

Ethical Shopping Quest:
4 of 5 Goals

Goals reached:
1 Only shop not just tox-free but also as ethical as possible (fair production; vegan), or go without the item (use older stuff until you find an ethical item to replace).
2 Buy 1, discard 5: before buying fashion items (or home accessories, or cosmetics), make sure to give away 5 items for each new item I get.
3 Make sure to be immune to advertised lifestyles and fashion styles. I sort of am anyway, but I was curious if it was a momentary effect, or more lasting. Seems it’s here to stay: highstreets still feel pretty empty to me, consumption-wise.
4 Always source ecofair items to replace older ones.AburyClutch-BC-DenimNeon
5 Replace bags, shoes, and bras by ecofair & fabulous ones. This is quite a task, I can tell!

Palm Oil Quest:
4 of 4 Goals!

Goals reached:
1 Completely give up products made from conflict palm oil. Check out this tag for products and recipes: palm-oil free
2 Find food & beauty products that deploy certified organic PO ingredients (in exceptional cases: RSPO).
3 Ask companies (food, beauty) whose products I use or consider using about their PO certifications.
4 Raise awareness among my circles of friends, colleagues, customers and beyond.

Soul Detox Quest:
3 of 3 Goals!

Goals reached:
1 Find and dismiss thought patterns and reaction patterns that are not truly mine.
2 Being an expert in saying FUCK, NNNNOOOO! learn to say NO, THANKS 😉 I think this is quite an achievement for a vivacious individual.
3 Save the weekends! (= Get work done on weekdays)

Green Home Quest:
3 of 3 Goals!

Goals reached:
1 Replace bedroom furniture with green & gorgeous bed, mattress, bed linen. It lasted a couple of months, but we did it! Yay us! + Bonus: new eco wall paint.
2 Green up kitchen items (out: nonstick coated pans, plastic containers and accessories; in: clean & fair glass and ceramic containers & jars, cast-iron frying pans)…
3 …and detergents (in: Ecocert dish detergent and the best sports laundry liquid evva!)


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  1. vrsexton

    Have you tried washing your face with jojoba oil? Many people with acne have found that jojoba oil helps to get the junk out of their pores. When I started washing my face with oil, my skin drastically improved. Cheers!

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