My Signature Christmas Looks {Tag} * Beauty Look #2

A new round of look-creating fun for green beauty bloggers! – Two Christmas looks + cool application ideas and tweaks. Wear lipstick and be merry 😉

Welcome to
My Signature Christmas Looks Tag!

Unlike the first, My Signature Summer Look Tag, the new and updated My Signature Christmas Looks Tag includes 2 looks, the fun and radiant Day Look (think Christmas market, building snowmen, visiting the parents) and the bold, festive Night Look (anything goes from big family dinner to romantic Christmas for two to a Xmas party in a club).Advent-and-JazzCandles, jazz, and chocolate – Advent season chez moi.

So what do the major and/or luxury beauty brands offer us this season?
A lot of “Santa Red” lips; lots of golden metallics and golden flakes; nails in classic red and midnight blue; pale faces with smokey eyes, alternatively a classic eyeliner and majestic wings, I mean, biiiig eye lashes; lots of radiant peachy blushes; silver and gold highlights.

I’m very curious to see what green beauty based looks My Signature Christmas Looks Tag will reveal and so I tag these lovely green blogging friends:
Sonja, Liz, Ru, Lynda and S. of All Things Julchen (blog discontinued)!
Ladies, here are my suggestions, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!
As always, anyone can join the fun, even if not tagged. Just lemme know so I can include it!

beautycalypse-christmas-day-look beautycalypse-christmas-night-look
Looks and (very simple) techniques explained right after the tag rules:


1. When you blog it, name your post My Signature Christmas Looks {Tag}, share these rules and link back to this post.
2. All products you use for the look, hair styling, manicure, fragrance, and make-up, must be by organic brands only and at least 7-free* or water-based for nail polish. Explain your look, be as creative as you like in your combinations. Have a lot of fun curating products for your looks – this is imperative! 😀
3. All products must be in your possession for 6 months or longer with one exception: products that expire within a shorter time (e.g. mascara).
4. OPTIONAL: for your Night Look, you are allowed to cheat and use one item that’s not available in clean&green (e.g. fake lashes, effect hairspray, temp tattoo, glitter stickers etc.). You’re not asked to do so, but you can do that just for the night look – I include this option hoping it will help us all see the boundaries of and the opportunities for green cosmetics!
5. Tag at least 2 green beauty bloggers – and share the fun! 🙂

* Cheat sheet: 7-free is not defined by law or something, 
but usually you would say it's a lacquer formulated 
without parabens, phthalates (dibutyl phthalate or DBT), 
toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde 
resin, and/or animal products. The cleaner the BETTAH!


My Signature Christmas Looks:
The Jazz Pianist
(Day Look)

Inspiration-day-look-Diana-Krall-musicmy-signature-christmas-DAY-LOOKOkay, no, I look nothing like Diana Krall, but I drew inspiration for the style of this look from her impeccable and yet laid-back performance.
This is not a copy of any of her actual looks, just in case you wondered 😉 

My-Signature-DayLook-ProductsPrimed skin is paramount in winter.
The Golden Camellia oil (1) protects and moisturises dry skin and mattifies and soothes oily skin – for a smooth appearance.
To create a custom matte foundation, I blend Pai Skincare Gardenia & Thistle moisturiser (2) with Inika mineral foundation in ‘Grace’ (3). The result is very soft and pleasant to apply, a mousse-like texture.
Together with the primer (1), this custom foundation (2+3) creates a clean, radiant look, very similar to bare skin (just perfected).
In order to add a little more glow to this, I blend what I call my “Rouge Gloss” right on the back of my hand:
Using a tiny drop of either Pai Skincare Rosehip oil or again, of the Golden Camellia oil, I turn rms beauty Lip Shine in ‘Sacred’ (7) into a transparent cheek gloss that’s insanely easy to control and to apply + will protect the (normally) drier skin in the cheekbone area.
Since a Christmas day look has to work with a beanie and a scarf, groomed and defined brows and defined eyes are paramount. I use rms beauty cream eye shadow in ‘Magnetic’ (4) both as an eyeshadow and as a brow wax. It really works! (I’ve reviewed ‘Magnetic’ earlier, so look it up here if you’re curious)

I like that the products here really help shield the skin from the cold: there’s an oil ‘primer’; an added coat of oil and wax blend on the cheeks; a coconut-based cream eye shadow on the lids; balm on the lips…”

With the Zao Khol (5) in emerald green on the lower lash line + two coats of Zao Mascara (6) in black, the eye look is done!
On to the lips.
Lipgloss + scarf = lip gross!
To add a wash of colour to this look but also to prevent chapped lips, I carry Dr Bronners Ginger & Orange chapstick (9) that I’ve reviewed here and the rms beauty Lip Shine in ‘Sacred’ with me – quickly blend for a zest of hot pink colour as soon as you get the chance to get rid of your outerwear. Uhm, that sounded less innocent than I actually meant it
The nails are done with Suncoat’s water-based and peelable nail polish in ‘Greenista’ (8), an emerald green ideal for the season.

My Signature Christmas Looks:
The Rocks Star
(Night Look)

For the night look, I went for defined, intense jewel tones: think sapphires and emeralds. To pay tribute to coloured gemstones (fair mined and conflict-free that is), my Night look is called The Rocks Star.My-Signature-NightLook-ProductsThe look is insanely simple: skin is primed with the same Golden Camellia oil (1) and done with Inika mineral foundation in ‘Grace’ (2) for a matte finish and maximum coverage.
Using a wet eye shadow brush, the lids are painted a sparkling, gold-infused metallic bright green (Lily Lolo mineral eye shadow in ‘Green Opal’, 3); using a wet liner brush, a sapphire blue contour (PHB Healthy Ethical Minerals mineral eye shadow in ‘Midnight’, 4) is applied along the lower lash line + as a winged eye liner.
(I’ve reviewed this eye shadow earlier, to see it in its full glory, read here.)
Apply mascara (view day look).
The brows are defined with a wet liner brush dipped in matte eye shadow (Alima Pure Matte Eye Shadow ‘Raven’, 5), and the now dry green eye shadow can be blended with a subtle golden highlighter shade (alva coleur ‘Sparkling Harmony’, 6).
The lips are toned down with a blend of Golden Camellia oil with Inika foundation that looks and feels like nude lip gloss.
…et voila!my-signature-christmas-NIGHT-LOOK

Wishing you a happy Advent season full of love and beauty…


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. OK, my own Christmas look couldn’t be more boring, but still I’m excited to do the TAG and talk a bit about my way to celebrate Christmas. Thanks for tagging and for creating the TAG.

  2. Din

    Both looks are so stunning! -and the greens -on nails and eyes! Need to think about some new looks, too. Make-up became really boring the last weeks.

    And all this reminds me in Christmas. So soon and nothing is done. Well, a strange, tiny bear is sitting next to me with a christmas hat. Hope, that counts. Somehow I am lost in summer memories and can not cope with the temperatures. Even do not want to think about all the family advent affairs…

  3. Gorgeous lady whether jazzing or rocking. The night look is stunning – shows off your amazing bone structure. I blend oil in foundation but hadn’t thought of with other makeup so will have to try le rouge gloss.

      1. You’re welcome. It’s true even if I was a gargoyle :))

        Camellia is in the fab Pai cleanser which to me means it can only be a good thing. Don’t actually recall seeing the oil on it’s own though. Will try your trick with rosehip.

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