Gilt-Edged, Not Guilt-Laden: Fragrance for Christmas

If you’ve been thinking about a fragrant present, here is a clean’n’green selection for ladies & gentlemen, scents from sporty to intense, from invigorating to seductive.

According to the German Cosmetics Distributors and Marketing Association (VKE) every fourth shopper in Germany will buy perfume for Christmas [Source: Beauty Press]. Sure reason enough for me to put together a post with clean’n’green safe perfume favourites – that are also very different in style for very different presentees!

Here are five fragrant favourites, all perfectly unisex but none really innocent:
1 Warm, oriental, powdery Eau de Toilette ORCHIDÉE BLANCHE by Acorelle –> read my full review.
2 Citrusy-fresh and sweet with invigorating verbena/vervain, VERVEINE ARGUME by Acorelle (hint: would be lovely for a Vampire Diaries fan) –> read my full review.
3 VINTAGE 13 by Abel Organics: a strong, sandalwood-based, peppery and intensely spicy 100% organic fragrance –> read my full review.
4 The 7 Virtues’ latest gem: PATCHOULI OF RWANDA – sweet and delicious with freesia and tea leaves, lush and juicy with grapefruit, this EdP is sparkling and rich, a real head-turner –> read my full review.
5 SPEARMINT Single Eau de Parfum by Balm Balm is invigorating and lovely for the sporty type –> read my full review.