The Art of Blushing: 5 Hacks + Reasons to Wear Blush

Today’s post is hardly for my male audience, but I promise to anyone wearing make-up that it’s well worth the time. It’s also less trivial than it might sound.

This is a less serious matter than some (most?) of my other posts, but why not call the whole shizzle Fun Friday and proceed, right? After all, The Quest can’t be all about challenges and failures, we need to gather around the fire and have a laugh and a chat from time to time 😉wildflower

Going From ‘No’ to ‘Hell Yes!’

As somebody with rather prominent cheekbones, I was rejecting blush as a product for a looooong time. Cream or powder, this wasn’t even the question! However, as you could’ve spotted in my signature summer look tag earlier this year, by now I do use an occasional cheek tweak, and even highlight it with golden pigment for added zest. During the years of playing around with colours, textures and different application devices from brushes to cotton pads (and yes, I am goofing out about as simple things as blush), I have found following 5 things to be true:

#1 Cream Rouge In-Control Hack

An intensely pigmented cream rouge (like rms or Inika) can be ‘diluted’ with… just a tiny drop of a great face oil (camellia, hemp seed, broccoli seed, rice bran, etc.) to create a highly controllable, non-patchy, deliciously transparent veil of colour with a naturally radiant, dewy finish.
It will also cause a lot less tearing when blending.

#2 Save On Undereye Concealer

Wearing a naturally warm shade of blush, a soft, luminous peachy shade, will optically diminish the appearance of dark undereye circles – way to go to spend less time in front of a mirror on a busy morning!wildflower2

#3 Customise The Hell Out Of Mineral Blush

Just like mineral foundations, mineral blushes can be tweaked into perfection by adding finishing powder for more transparency, shimmer pigments for a luminous effect, or moisturiser to create an individual, liquid rouge that will be ridiculously easy to apply.

#4 Take-Away Blush Hack

Loose mineral blushes are great for home use, but what about going out? Here’s a no-brainer for your beauty bag: take two clean cotton pads and tap some of your fave mineral rouge (or even a fave custom blend form #3) at the centre of each; press them colour side to colour side and wrap into a clean tissue. em-wildflower-garden

#5 Know How To Place (Less to Achieve More)

Most glossy magazines are full with pro advice that all goes something like: bla smile bla cheek bla apples bla apply.
Not technically wrong. Just not the complete truth either!

Treat your face like a 3D canvas, and your blushes like paint.
Cool, matt, dark = creates shadow.
Warm, shimmering/luminous, transparent = creates highlight and volume.
Blush loves moderation – always err on the side of less product.”

Example: do you use a golden, shimmery, light, tan-like colour?
Why not placing it onto the bridge of your nose and to the area under your eyes, where freckles use to appear? This will add more “sun kiss” to your face than dusting your temples, nose and chin with bronzer.
Warm, luminous rouge is also great to create some volume if you look a bit too tired and sad round your nose 😉
Or are you aiming at a very elegant, sleek look?
A matt, dark, blue-tinged shade like plum or berry, applied in moderation to the “shadow” part of the cheek right under the cheekbone, will create depth and contour without much contouring ado.
Too much shadow can easily make you look tired, so use cautiously and have some antidote like very open eyes, a glossy pout etc.

Have fun!

In the pictures, you see the wild flowers on my little rooftop garden harbouring an Everyday Minerals blush in ‘Wild Flower Heaven’.
The colour is a baby pink with lavender in real life, but gets really warm and coral when worn.
It might or might not play a role in my Signature Christmas Look Tag that’s coming soon 😉




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