Eerie & Cheery: My Happy Tox-Free Halloween

It is THE night! Here comes my tox-free Halloween DOs & DON’Ts list for your last minute preparations and – hopefully – reading pleasure.

We’ve discussed what to avoid when it comes to plastic decorations, costumes and nasty candy already, so today I want to address one more thing: the Halloween party. This includes invitations, decorations, and entertaining, right? Here are my ideas on how to slow down the tox and to beef up the fun.

One Click, Paperless Invitation or (Last-Minute) Card

When it comes to invitations, I haven’t found anything yet that would beat Paperless Post in terms of great, realistic design (their golden foil and heavy paper with screenprint effects are just WOW; and even the use of Flash is forgiven) and minute delivery.
You can let them track the RSVP but I personally prefer not to – why feed more databases with the data of your friends, right?
Catering to this mindset, Paperless Post offers you a link that you can send yourself.
They work with some great designers, plus you can customise all you want.

(No affiliates etc.)PaperlessPost-Halloween2014{1: homepage. 2: customizing your message}

Decoration: Without Fear & Beyond Reproach

So what to do when all the plastic tinsel of Doom is gone?
I normally go for one harmony of Halloween-ish colours – black and green, orange/gold and black, or ghoulish greys – and rearrange things around the house so they fit.HalloweenDecorationsMabGravesPhysalisMiniPumpkins{I love the contrast of cheery and eerie here, rough and smooth, nature and art, gold and cement, and how the colour black is in control – frame, cast iron “cage”}

Occasional additions of seasonal goodness, like mini gourds and mini pumpkins (or their XXL sized siblings if you’ve got a lot of free space to decorate), but also grapes and apples (think red or green apples placed in a gothic looking black glass bowl). You can go further:
1. Turn your entire cocktail cabinet into an alchemist’s corner by designing your own spooky, gory, geeky labels
2. Redesign the book spines in your bookshelves with fake or horror titles or book titles from your fave game. In my case, the Elder Scrolls franchise is a great source of very particular sounding book titles.
3. I also love to redesign my doorbell name plate into something like “vampire lair” or “Dr Krakenstein” (obv. a Cthulhu/Frankenstein mix). Just making sure to put it out later in the evening, not to confuse the postmen.
Oh and my doormat is an all-year prank anyway. It says “OH NO, NOT YOU AGAIN”.

Such tricks are much more fun, much less toxic, and much more ME (or in your case: YOU) than any plastic stuff that all looks same-same-but-different and has a nasty smell.”

Party Time

Somehow I’m so over parties recently. The definition of a “good partyTM” varying depending on who you ask, it’s also quite a tedious task to organise an event that leaves everyone happy. In addition, most of my friends are living all over the place (read: the planet) which makes impromptu celebrations rather impossible or pure Skype/Facetime sessions. Which is kinda fun. The closest to a holodeck party 🙂

What I prefer to host these days, are movie nights. Guests can dress up to the occasion and you even can prep a game in advance.
There is a lot to choose from: b-movies, horror classics, cartoons, tv series.
Here are my top 10+ favourite movies for a Halloween movie night or a Halloween movie night – double feature!

1 All-time classic: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975
2 Modern classic: Le Pacte de Loups, 2001
3 Blast form the past: Bell, Book and Candle, 1958
4 This one is a 3-in-1 for a Christina Ricci movie night, starting with a modern fairy-tale and ending with a werewolf flick: Penelope (2006), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Cursed (2005)
5 More wolves? Yes please: Wolf (1994), starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Jack Nicholson, James Spader.
6 Or here’s a more naive, b-movie type, but still enjoyable take on the werewolf myth with some beautful backdrop: Blood & Chocolate (2007)
7 Pagan horrors in the Bretagne, misty shores and horned priests included: Brocéliande (2002)
8 A steampunkish French murder mystery: Vidocq (2001)
9 A Christian Bale double feature: murderous dragons in the postapocalyptic Reign of Fire (2002) and “yet another movie where Sean Bean’s character dies” – the highly aesthetic dystopia Equilibrium (2002). Or throw in American Psycho (2001) instead.
10 Serial horrors: clear favourites here are – The Walking Dead for blood-curling nightmares and Ripper Street for Victorian time crime-solving thrills.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!HappyHalloween-BlackWhiteBark


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  1. These are wonderful suggestions, thanks! My daughter helped me decorate in mini pumpkins and My Little Ponies this year, and the movie of choice is Curious George’s Halloween Boo-fest.

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