Simple, Vegan, Delish Pumpkin Risotto * My Simple Healthy Recipes #20

“Cuisine du placard” is one of my fave French expressions. It stands for easy, quick, what’s-left-in-the-pantry recipes involving leftovers and/or convenience food. Like this insanely good pumpkin risotto!

pumpkin-risotto-simple-quickInsanely good is an attribute we are easy to dish out when it comes to our own recipes. However, this one is tested and tried on numerous friends and relatives, and it is insanely good. It’s warming, of gorgeous colour, and just perfectly well-balanced with a tinge of sweet, sour, and salty.

If you cook for two, this is a complete meal; if you cook for four, it is a great side dish or a fab warm starter!”

The key ingredients here is an organic, free-from risotto mix by Rapunzel, one organic sweet onion, and one small pumpkin. Well, in my case it’s about 1/3 of a bigger beast slaughtered two days before.cuisine-du-placard-simple-pumpkin-risottoYou’ll further need a bottle of a good white, some great cooking fat (cacao butter and organic canola are best picks, but not coconut – it will try to reign on this parade and derange the flavours; and we’re not cooking a curry after all), and if you’re not a vegan, I suggest you try organic aged goat gouda instead of Parmiggiano – it has great golden colour and insane caramel-like and salty notes that will really tie the flavours together.optional-for-pumpkin-risotto-cheese-recommendationHowever, the vegan version is ever as good and has a great, velvety texture that just lilts “eat me“, Alice in Wonderland style.

I like to have all my ingredients ready before I start.simple-risotto-ingredientsChopped onion and diced pumpkin + I save a few raw pumkin ‘shavings’ for decoration. Boil water in advance, usually approx. 500 ml. Next comes the brainless easy part BUT you’ll be tied to the stove for the next 20 minutes straight, stirring. So. Let’s begin!
Sautee the onion in your canola oil/cacao butter, then add some more cooking fat and add the dry rice and herbs mix. Stir. Let the rice become slightly translucent, stirring all the time (just proceed as the packaging tells ya, it’s hardly ever lied to me), then deglaze with a glass of white. Get amused by the wine steams, but don’t forget to add the pumpkin cubes and about 1/4 of the hot water. Set your timer to 20 minutes. Keep stirring avoiding getting burnt. Ouch! Cooking is a dangerous hobby.
Anyway, this is how you proceed for the rest of the time: stir until the water is almost completely evaporated, add some more water, repeat. The idea is to avoid having rice soup while adding enough water to actually cook the rice. It’s this exact thing that kept me from trying to cook risotto for years. But if you keep that hot water coming, it will be okay 🙂
20 minutes over? Well, time to add just half a glass of white, stir well, off the heat it goes and let the risotto just sit there for the time you need to get your fave tablewarez. If you are adding cheese, stir it in right before serving.
And finally, garnish with raw pumpkin slices and maybe roasted pumpkin seeds, but that’s really up to you. Bon apetit!final-touch-pumpkin-risotto pumpkin-risotto-vegan-or-vegetarian

Marginal notes:
Yes, you can use broth instead of hot water. Hey, this is a lazy recipe! 🙂
No, there are no further spices or herbs or even salt added; that’s why I use a risotto mix. The sun-dried tomatoes provide just the right amount of sweet-and-sour to  make the pumpkin “sound” more refined.
Yes, you could add dried cranberries. Add them right before the second wine.
The single most exquisite ingredients here are the cacao butter and the aged goat gouda, or just the cacao butter in the vegan version, but boy do they add up to the taste!



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  1. This sounds delicious, I really like the idea of adding dried cranberries. I like dishes like this that are easy. I know risottos take a long time to make but thankfully I find all the stirring calming and grounding. 😉

  2. Heather in Arles

    Love this and elegant enough to serve for a dinner party too (as long as one of the guests keeps you company during the stirring!)… 🙂

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