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{Green Travel + + + Green Tourism People’s Choice Awards} Adventurer, if *you* love ecofabulous travel, this news is right up your alley!

Here’s a green tourism news I thought I HAD to share with you guys, even though I don’t do news here on BC. So…

Do you remember my post Eco + Fabulous: Enjoying Your Business Trips?

In that post I had listed my own business travel preferences (never go if you can FaceTime*; pack light; walk a lot and some more), and had put together a list of international resources for picking green accomodations.
* or Skype, or any other decent telepresence.ecological-travel

One of the resources was GREEN TOURISM that includes whopping 2400+ green AND gorgeous accomodations and travel businesses in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Irland, Irland, Channel Islands, and Canada (British Columbia). Green Tourism also was honoured to be The most reliable source for green travel by a 2013 greenwashing report. Hot stuff!

Every year GREEN TOURISM nominate their Most Sustainable members for the Green Tourism GoldStar Awards.”

Green Tourism Award

Now, truth be told, I am generally rather opposed to awards.
There’s usually too much opportunity for politics, tit-for-tat shenanigans, and sometimes less appetising things.
But if the world’s most reliable green travel body talks awards in a highly competitive industry, I’m curious.
The variety of awardees here, ranging from heritage sites to green corporate offices, and from national parks to campus accomodations – yes –, speaks a language of authenticity. It’s also an important sign for everybody in the tourism industry, green and conventional alike, that green tourism is a Thing; that it’s a major USP – in marketing speak; briefly, that it’s the Future.
I also love that the public can cast their votes for the sustainable tourism business of their choice in the People’s Choice Award category, because involving end customers is both a clever and a fair thing to do.

This year 59 sustainable tourism businesses (agencies, providers, campings, attractions, restaurants, hostels, luxury hotels, cottages, b&b, spa and conference hotels) are included, and for the first time – Canadian members.

So, I know I do have readers from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Canada 🙂 and if you, ladies and gentlemen, want to support Your Local Green Heroes, well, get your surfing fingers over to GREEN TOURISM and vote! (You will be only asked to provide a valid email address, no registration or other data fishing.)
The voting closes on November 6 midnight GMT!screenshot-greentourism-peopleschoice-2014

Coming to think of news… A question please!

Would green news be of interest for you guys?
A weekly roundup of scary & good news to keep you shaken and stirred? 😉

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