New & Brilliant Favourite: Patchouli of Rwanda, The 7 Virtues {Review}

I’ve been waiting months on end for this treasure to land in Berlin. Pure joy in the bottle; pure joy that brings peace – and hope.


This is seriously the word that describes Patchouli of Rwanda the best: joy.
The fragrance start is a radiant splash of pure sunlight and dancing sunbeams.
Your lips start to smile uncontrollably, dreamily like when somebody ridiculously attractive has a laughter so contagious that you can’t help but shake off the awkward feeling and laugh back. There is no sensual promise yet, but you feel an instant connection, the excitement of a natural propinquity.

Only later, as the fragrance unfolds on your skin, do the feelings heat up.
You recognise: Patchouli of Rwanda is a very seductive scent.

Patchouli isn’t even a top favourite note of mine. It can be too earthy, too cliché, too Amalfi in the 60s, if you know what I mean. Patchouli is the hippie deluxe scent, equally appreciated by the classic goth crowd. No such cliché is found here.”

* * *

PatchouliOfRwanda-The7Virtues-Review…The first thing that comes rushing to you is this powerful but never overwhelming, joyous hesperidic wave of light – perfectly balanced, not too green, nor too tart – already giving away the presence of patchouli’s earthiness.
Even though the fragrance pyramid (picture below) suggests otherwise, I think I can smell the tea leaves and the juniper berries right from the start. Probably because those are among my favourite fragrance notes, together with sandalwood, freesia and jasmine, which – oh happy day! – are present here, all three of them.

Just a few minutes in, the white flowers take over with a touch of delicious but shy sweetness; the dry-down is impressively warm, distinctly musky without fuss but rather defined, clear. Intense musk, sandalwood, cardamom and hibiscus together with the lingering green tea leaf and the crisp hesperidic afterglow provide a very classic masculininty of an expensive after shave. You know, those luxurious, artisanal glass bottles from the times before mass market? Yes.

For me, this is a perfect fragrance for men – and an amazing tool of seduction for women.
I can’t seriously tag this ‘unisex’ though. That’s just not sexy enough a word.”

PatchouliOfRwanda-The7Virtues-FragrancePyramidYou can, of course, blend the new kid on the block with all other The 7 Virtues fragrances – this is, in fact, part of the concept: creating your signature blend – but you don’t need to. To my fragrance lover nose this fragrance is the most complex of the range and one of the most impressive patchouli scents of the recent time. All The 7 Virtues scents are vegan, free from phthalates and parabens.the7virtues-BC-favourites

If you are now suitably impressed by Patchouli of Rwanda, read here to learn why this amazing fragrance is called ‘fragrance of peace’ or a ‘fragrance that helps rebuild’.PatchouliOfRwanda-The7Virtues-MessageOfPeace

Where, How, How much?
I got my bottle at Galeries Lafayette Berlin (50 ml, €68).
UK residents will find it at Selfridges.
USA, Canada and worldwide: The 7 Virtues shop finder.


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  1. I JUST spritzed some on before I popped over to your site to see what was new. How in sync with you is that? This is such an incredible perfume that I literally want everyone I know to experience it. I also find it has incredible staying power on my skin where a lot of other natural perfumes don’t. Pure perfection! 😀 xo

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