Double-Spice Crunch Bites (from Hell) * My Simple Healthy Recipes #19

These vegan, gluten-free Double-Spice Crunch Bites from Hell are so simple, a zombie could make them. A chili flakes & wasabi powder double feature!

It’s good to have uber-spicy sweets at hand. Impossible to overindulge 😉
[Insert maniacal villain laughter here]spicy-pretzel-bites-vegan-glutenfree

Halloween Recipe: Vegan, GF Double-Spice Crunch Bites (from Hell)

Method CRUNCH:
I have crushed the mini-pretzels right in their bag.
However, you need only about 1/3 of the contents, so I have happily munched on the 2/3 before ^^
Nomnom.double-spice-vegan-milk-chocolate-bars-spicy-mini-pretzelsSpice up the crushed pretzels with chili flakes (just a pinch!) and a spicy blend.
I use Herbaria’s all-organic Tango Spice which is made of: whole cane sugar, paprika, hickory smoked salt, tomato flakes, onions, mustard flour, chili, cumin, coriander seeds, oregano, thyme, black pepper and basil. It’s sweet, salty, hot and very fragrant. Just the perfect contrast to the silky-sweet rice milk chocolate (that is quite bland on its own).

Method GREEN chocolate:
Melt your white chocolate and add a pinch of matcha tea powder. Stir in the wasabi.
This blend will have a less brilliant green colour than just white chocolate with matcha.

Method ‘milk’ chocolate:
Melt “milk” chocolate in a bain-marie and spice it up with a little salt.

1. Sprinkle the spicy crunch into the moulds. If you like, you can add drops of green choc so that they show on top of the bites.
2. Pour your ‘milk’ chocolate into the moulds, filling up about 2/3 of each mould.
3. Pour the green chocolate on top a few minutes later (maybe let it sit while your green chocolate is in the making).
4. Gently shake the mould to distribute the chocolate as evenly as possible.
5. Let the bites cool by placing them into the fridge to set. Store at room temp.double-spice-vegan-milk-chocolate-bars-howtodouble-spice-vegan-milk-chocolate-recipespicy-pretzel-bites-vegan-glutenfree-recipe

Serve these bites with a warning! 😉
And I’m serious, they’re take-my-breath-away hot.”

What I’ve used: 
A silicone mould for mini financiers, Silipop
Approx. 100 g vegan rice milk couverture chocolate, Vivani
Approx 50 g vegan white couverture chocolate, Vantastic Foods
Gluten-free mini pretzels, Schär
(Schär is one of the leading specialists for GF bread in Germany;
products are largely available in organic supermarkets and via the dm drugstore chain
Tango Spice, Herbaria, a moccha spoon
A pinch of dry organic chili peppers, freshly ground
Matcha tea powder, Tee Kontor Kiel (Hikari), a moccha spoon
Wasabi powder, a moccha spoonspicy-pretzel-crunch-bites-vegan-glutenfreeThey go fast… 😉

And always remember: keep all chocolate away from your pets!


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