My Simple Healthy Recipes #18: Matcha Explosion Chocolate Bark

What time is it? Time to think about making sweet Halloween treats! – Today: easy-to-make chocolate bark infused with matcha and topped with fancy mini sweets. [Vegan | Gluten-free | All natural]

vegan-matcha-chocolate-halloween-barkNo artificial flavourings,
No artificial colourings,
Vegan and Gluten-free,
now does this chocolate bark sound totes fun-free?
That’s a trick, because in fact it’s uber-delicious!vegan-matcha-chocolate-halloween-bark-toppings


I love making chocolate bark because I can be in control of the chocolate used, and if there are specific, less healthy treats people love, this is a way of enjoying those in a near homeopathic dose!”

Halloween Recipe: Matcha Explosion ‘Milk’ Chocolate Bark

Method toppings: Pick favourite sweets, mini-sized. This bark is a great way to indulge in your fave “guilty pleasure” – you’ll be “diluting” it in a way.
I have found organic and naturally coloured chocolate drops and to show what I mean by “diluting”, cult Leysieffer truffles. These are a legit guilty pleasure given that they are the only non-vegan ingredient here. The truffles are available in mini size, and I have only used two of them to decorate the bark.
Reduction is elegance, you guys.
(Leysieffer: a German confectioner offering gourmet chocolates and artisanal specialty cakes without artificial flavourings and GMO raw materials.)
If you want custom toppings, you can do what I did here: melt chocolate and create Halloween-related numbers (“31”) and shapes (I’ve made pumpkins, bats – and for the upcoming salty-and-spicy lemon and orange bark, ghosts and skulls).

Method green bark:
Melt white chocolate and add a pinch of matcha tea powder. Don’t overdo, otherwise you’ll end up with matcha cream.

Method ‘milk’ chocolate bark:
Melt “milk” chocolate and add a pinch of salt, or the sugary treat will knock your socks off. vegan-matcha-chocolate-halloween-bark-recipeAssembling: I found it helpful to use a round silicone mould to make the bark effortlessly a perfect shape. You don’t need to do that, but it definitely helps.
Start assembling after your toppings have set (so on the day after you made them). Melt both chocolates in a bain-marie. Pour your ‘milk’ chocolate into the mould first. Start pouring the green chocolate right after in chaotic good movements (…and forgive the D&D hiccup). With a wooden toothstick, create random patterns or, if you like, pour the green chocolate in a spider web shape, whatever rocks your boat, babe.
Gently shake the mould to distribute the chocolate as evenly as possible.
Now it’s time to dress this darling up!
Add your fancy toppings and gently press them down so they don’t fall off easily. As you can see above, they sink in quite a bit.
Let the bark cool by placing it first, shortly, into the fridge – so that it sets. Store at room temp.vegan-matcha-chocolate-halloween-bark-closeupWhat I’ve used: 
Measurements! Ingredients! Here we are.
A round, 14 cm silicone mould, Le Creuset
Approx 50 g vegan white couverture chocolate, Vantastic Foods
Approx. 50 g vegan rice milk couverture chocolate, Vivani
A dozen multicoloured chocolate mini drops, organic, Allfair
Two mini truffles, Leysieffer (these are not vegan, but an optional topping and symbolic for a “guilty pleasure” of your choice)
Home-made toppings (white chocolate as above, dark chocolate Alnatura organic couverture chocolate, silicone moulds)vegan-matcha-chocolate-halloween-bark-chocolate-usedAnd always remember: keep chocolate away from your pets!

…Watch this space!
Tomorrow we’ll be making double-spice chili & wasabi ‘milk’ choc mini bites for adults!


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