7 Ways To Customize Your Mineral Foundation

Due to great colour names (dark beige named “ivory”) and to lousy pictures in online shops, you sometimes end up with a foundation too dark/ pale/ pink/ yellow. Happily, it’s easy to fix.

This is exactly what happened to me in summer: I ended up with a foundation too reddish and too dark, and with another that looked nice and fair but just a bit too pale on me.
But thankfully, mineral foundations are made to be tweaked. You have many options, but I am showing you seven of them today:way-of-how-to-customize-mineral-foundation-too-dark-or-too-paleYou can blend your foundation with…
#1: Day cream.
This will change the colour, can make it more transparent or as opaque as a concealer (depending on the ratio of the blend).
#2: Matt finishing powder.
Matt helps tone down the colour but also make it more transparent, thus closer to your skin tone.
#3: Shimmering finishing powder.
This will give a darker colour more radiance, but be of no particular help with the paler colour.
#4: Golden pigment/ eye shadow.
It can “dilute” the darker colour, particularly to neutralise a pinkish shade, and give the pale colour a more lively, sun-kissed appearance.
#5: Matt eyeshadow of your skin tone but 1-2 tones darker.
This will spice up the pale foundation – but be of no help with the darker shade.
#6: Yellow corrector. Corrects pink colours.
#7: Pink corrector. Corrects yellow colours.

Here I’m tweaking the dark colour (C = control) with day cream (1) which makes it darker but also more transparent and less pink; both finishing powder products (2+3) work beautifully; the golden pigment (4) softens the terracotta hue; and you can see how the correctors subtly change the colour as well (6+7). Here’s swatching in cold and warm light:how-to-customize-a-dark-mineral-foundation-coldlight how-to-customize-a-dark-mineral-foundation-warmlightThe pale colour (C = control) gets customized with day cream (1) which instantly warms it up and darkens it; with matt finishing powder (2) that creates a perfect veil of transparency; the golden pigment (4) and the matt dark eye shadow (5) help infuse the pale colour with some life 😉how-to-customize-a-pale-mineral-foundation-coldlight how-to-customize-a-pale-mineral-foundation-warmlight

Of course you can tweak with several products, for example add some golden finish and a darker hue, then blend with day cream. Magic!”

Products I’m using:
#1 Pai Skincare Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream
#2 Inika Mineral Setting Powder
#3 Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder ‘Translucent Silk’
#4 Alva Coleur ‘0.1 Sparkling Harmony’
#5 alima pure Satin Matte Eye Shadow ‘Blond’
#6 Everyday Minerals Color Corrector ‘Sunlight’
#7 Everyday Minerals Lucent Powder ‘Pearl Beige’
“Too dark” Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base ‘Nude’
“Too pale” Inika Mineral Foundation ’01 Grace’
Eyeliner Santé Liquid Eye Liner ‘No. 02 Sparkling Silver’inika-grace


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