Who Are You When You Are Naked?

Halloween is a great deal about fab costumes. But the masks we choose also made me think about, well, masks we choose in life. And realise something… about BEAUTYCALYPSE.

March 2013 – October 2014, Or:
1.5 Cool Years of… Half the Truth

Some prologue:
When I first started thinking about the then-nameless BEAUTYCALYPSE, I’ve had over 12 years of blogging experience and run blogs with the fanciest of names already. As a polyglot pro (copy)writer, finding catchy names for things is both my job and something I adore doing.

Finding a name for a blog that would – for the First Time in my life in fact – document my own progress in leading a more healthy, more ethical life, becoming a healthier, a better, happier, more intense version of myself, proved to be tough.
I had two potential names in my pocket, but wasn’t quite happy with either one of them.
One sounded too self-help-ish (you see, it contained the word ‘monk‘), another sounded a wee bit misleading (it included the word ‘naked‘).

The name BEAUTYCALYPSE was born in a Skype chat, as I shared with a friend my frustration about not being able to find a name for a project of my own, and the hilariousness of it. Beauty is something of immense importance to me, at least in my own definition, and an apocalyptic theme is a great setting for unveiling nasty truths and for becoming, as mentioned above, a better version of myself; not unlike a Hero of an apocalyptic or rather, post-apocalyptic, story.

I think this is also what I’ve been delivering – I have been living up to the Quest all the time:
I’ve documented how important it is to be attentive to yourself (my wheat allergy story), I’m been addressing toxic issues like ingredients that are unethical (conflict palm oil) or plain toxic.
To prove to my readers and to myself that there are great alternatives out there, I’ve been testing and reviewing ethical beauty products, health books, having fun with healthy and delicious recipes, creating vegan and gluten-free desserts, and answering reader Qs in my ABC (=Ask BeautyCalypse) series.

I did what I define as:
“BEAUTYCALYPSE celebrates the dawn of a new and better day in the near-postapocalyptic reality of addictive consumerism.”
Which is true.

But my Quest is not only bound to avoiding toxins in what we eat or buy, or to choosing ethical Davids over corporate Goliaths. And that’s why, Adventurers, the truth is: you only see about half the Quest.

There is a part that has remained intimate and most of the time, hidden. There have been wee glimpses and insights, like in the post From free-from to Freedom, but not more.
But then it is the vital force that ties together everything I do and why I do so! A force that defines me. A force that defines who I am.henley_invictus_unconquerable-soulA matter not easy to pull off without getting preachy or overly self-centred and self-involved, which I would hate.
On the other hand, there is so much potential, so much to discuss, so many Q&As that it feels wrong to keep silent about.
It also felt scary to write about it.
So scary I’ve been working on this very post for a week.
You read version 4.2 😉

I don’t plan to only write about this topic from now on; you can be sure that beauty tips, slow fashion, and recipes and reviews and interviews and what not are to come.
BEAUTYCALYPSE will not make an 180-degrees turn, it will get a level up.
So: Who Am I? Who Are You?

Who Are You When You Are Naked?

Who Are You?
Can you answer this question? And what would you say?

…Defining who I am has been the most thrilling part of my life. Just as you can shape your abs and deltoids, achieve your ideal weight, find your perfect lipstick shade, surround yourself with delicious friends, create a home you love, build a business that suits you to a T, you can unveil who you are underneath your clothes, faces, projects, desires, nightmares and dreams.
kipling_if_if-you-can-dreamAlways on the edge between just enough focus to Be Me, and as much presence and conscience to keep the Ego at bay, this is truly the Quest of my life. Who I Am won’t let me say or do and yes, buy, certain things. Who I Am is why I say Yes, why I say No. Who I Am is always here no matter what I wear or don’t wear, no matter who I face, no matter who faces me.

This journey is asking for so much patience, wisdom, kindness, innocence, and courage.
This journey is both unique and universal:
Who I Am is alone and on its own. Who I Am is connected with others.
I believe that the only point in living is living well; becoming the Hero we all are born with all chances to become.
And as I stroll the endless realms of the world within and outside, I get inspired by and look up to a few of my loved ones; I admire the strength, wisdom, persistence, and courage of my friends – Lyss, Jayne, Din, Doris, Olessya – some of whom I’ve met only thanks to BEAUTYCALYPSE – Amanda, Heather, Sonja, Liz.

It might sound strange in our age of over-communicating, but writing this, I am shivering.
The World Within is as rich a universe as the world we live in, and it has its Beauty and it’s got its Horrors.
It has bloodcurling darkness we must face, and it holds virtues of titanic proportions – wisdom, love, courage, and commitment.

So will you be with me still as our Adventure takes this new turn?


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Din

    Such a difficult question. Sometimes the same like if this is the life I want to live?! Most likely yes. Most likely I am who I am, but without knowing who I am. Does this make sense? Well, however. Glad we met and to follow you on your journey.

  2. Jayne Ryan (@Ryans_Den)

    I’m with you on the journey 100% – I so love learning more about you – your inside is as beautiful as your outside xxx

  3. Heather in Arles

    Mais bien sur! And I am psyched that you are upping the ante by going in. And I agree it takes courage. I have been thinking and writing about this very subject a lot chez moi – you might enjoy the post “White bird on the snow” – and I never get complaints about “Hey, where is Provence?” 😉 We are all in this together and can all use lights to help us find the way…

      1. Heather in Arles

        You are most certainly not an awful friend! Rather a wonderful one who is as inspiring as she is kind. 🙂

          1. Heather in Arles

            You know that my memory is terrible! So I certainly can’t say anything about that!!!

  4. Hellz yaaah! I literally book time in my day (usually with a cup of tea) to catch up on your articles as I draw such inspiration and knowledge 🙂 Your words echo my sentiments as my blog has slowly been evolving beyond just beauty tips/care to something of much deeper meaning to me. I’m excited to see where the next year takes you!

  5. Liz

    I will be following/supporting for ever more! (not weird, I promise!) I totally get where you are coming from. I hope that my blog is as compelling as this post. You are a wordsmith, I love it! The who you are is the reason for everything! Looking forward to more!

    Much Love, Liz x

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