If you’ve got some “too pale and ashy!”-foundation, a dark red nail polish & lipstick; and a black dress – consider your last-minute vampire costume ready.

Note #1:
I am not adding the Korres nail polish featured here to my Korres lacquer range post because “Ruby Red” is/was a limited colour.
Here it is for the record in its metallic splendour:KorresRubyRedLimited-soldier KorresRubyRedLimited-swatch

Note #2:
Check out the following post with the A to the frequent Q:
“Is Korres really an all natural brand?”


All you need is a classy attitude – as we all know, vampires are the most classy, fashion-savvy monsters! – a lot of black, a little white and a tint of red:30daysofhalloween-lastminute-vampire-costume1. A gorgeous, blood-red nail polish (Korres, ‘Ruby Red’)
2. A matching, deep red lipstick (Paul Penders, review + other clean reds here)
3. A foundation that’s too pale for you, think 90s grunge, (Inika, ‘Grace’) or add a silvery pigment to your regular mineral foundation.
4. A black dress, long and knitted is a winner! 
5. A pair of very elegant black shoes
For more Glorious Goth inspiration visit my Pinterest board ‘Blackened Fashion’30daysofhalloween-lastminute-costume{Photo #4 taken by the obnoxiously talented Helena @ POLA&HELENA}

Also this week, inspired by a recent mispurchase ;):
Creating a custom foundation from a mismatched colour (gulp – ashy and pale)!

Would this last-minute vampire look be easy for you to pull off?
Also: it’s super easy to make fake blood from organic items (probably) found in your pantry.
Ever tried or want me to try it here? Let’s talk!

5 replies on “30 Days of Halloween: A Last Minute Costume

  1. I actually like the nail polish colour 😀 I do like this idea – because it will still feel elegant, and I like feeling elegant even when dressing up like anything 😉

    1. Yes, that’s the idea behind it: costumed but subtly. (Wearing my artifical custom-made fangs. Bwahaha.)

    1. Gemma is waaahay harder to pull off – very specific hair colour, and you’d need a latex scar 🙂

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