Hallogreen: My 30 Days Of Halloween

Be it Samhain magic or a reason to throw a Halloween party, this season is right up my scary alley. The BEAUTYCALYPSE Hallogreen is here to green up the fun!

October again! So! Much! Fun! Eh?
See, I’ve made a list of things that are crucial to Halloween, from scary films to masquerades, from pumpkin recipes to sweet treats, from costumes to home decorations, from invitations to entertaining guests. Every other day in October a little something will be tackled. Uh, I can’t wait!

If You have things, foods, rituals… that are dear to you or your loved ones (kids! friends! significant others!) on Halloween but you know are unhealthy, feel free to shoot me a comment below! I’d like to take on the challenge and green it up, yo.

Also check out last year’s Halloween posts tagged Funtober to see what was on last year.
(Quite a lot, in fact! Nail art, powerfood-based and spooky-looking recipes, ecard resource, and some more…)30DaysOfHalloweenOnBeautycalypse

Let’s have a great time!

P.S. There will be also a plenty of other posts in October, not just Halloween 😉
You scaredy-cat…

6 responses to “Hallogreen: My 30 Days Of Halloween

  1. Well, I might be the only one but I would be all TOO happy with nothing but Halloween posts!! 🙂
    PS. Once a goth, always a goth, even if it doesn’t show anymore…

    • Haha, exactly! Well, it could and it should show!
      What’s up for Halloween en Provence? 😉

      • Sadly, still not much! But you would love all of the lawns here in Michigan that have been decorated with as much gusto as if it were for Christmas!!!

        • Oh I sure would. I stalk Martha Stewart dot com every year, however I always do worry about toxins in all them spray paints and glues and fluorescent plastic…

          • As well you should, just walking down the Halloween aisle at the drug store is to breathe in a massive dose of plastic…

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