Clean Perfume Quest #7: Acorelle, Vanille Ambrée {Review}

Vanilla – the opinions are divided. Some love it, some think it’s a rather bland pick for a fragrance. Acorelle’s Vanille Ambrée is warm and light-flooded; extended summer in a bottle.

Having waited for the new The 7 Virtues fragrance for sooooo long now (review next week!), I have treated myself to another new fragrance this summer. You have probably spotted it in my autumn look post and now it’s time to review it!

Acorelle Vanille Ambrée – The Composition

I’m quite a fan of two other Acorelle scents I own, Verveine Agrume, a hesperidic and fresh EdP, and Orchidée Blanche, a silky-soft Eau Fraîche and was looking for an addition to my small Acorelle collection. Here it comes: Vanille Ambrée Rassurante Eau de Parfum (50ml, €34).vanille-ambree-acorelle-eaudeparfum-reviewAccording to Acorelle, this very sunny and warm, sweet and spicy fragrance is composed of Mimosa, Patchouli, Almond notes, Vanilla and Balsam of Peru. Bad news first? Well, here you go:
-> the Balsam of Peru is one of the most potent allergens. Patch test time! <-

Other than the essential oil sensitivity, the Ecocert-certified vegan and tox-free formula consists of alcohol, water, cornflower water, and a blend of essential oils.vanille-ambree-acorelle-edp-review vanille-ambree-acorelle-rassurante vanille-ambree-acorelleIngredients (INCI) 100% natural, 90% organic:
Alcohol*, Parfum (Fragrance), Centaurea Cyanus Water*, Benzyl Benzoate**, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Cinnamate**.
* organic/ ** naturally occuring in essential oils.

Wearing Acorelle Vanille Ambrée: The Review

vanille-ambree-acorelle-warm-sunny-notesAlmond and Vanilla are already a delicious power duo, infused with some earthy Patchouli and Balsam of Peru, and topped with a sweet touch of Mimosa. Vanilla is definitely reining over the scent, dominating other notes that flow and float; first there is the warm and sweet whisper of Mimosa, then a warm kiss of Almond, next the earthy velvet of Patchouli and Balsam of Peru.

To me this is the ideal autumnal fragrance, spicy, warm and impressively sugary like an overly sweetened chai latte.”

vanille-ambree-acorelle-eaudeparfumI am quite impressed and very much in love with this scent. Other than Citrus Verbena, Vanille Ambrée is full-bodied, and other than Orchidée Blanche, it’s spicier and more sensual.

Can men wear it? Definitely.
Spicy vanilla scents work on you or don’t, it’s highly individual anyway.

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