End Of Summer Beauty. Part II: Make-Up

Contrasting with the warm palette Nature displays, my favourite make-up in September evolves around dramatic cold shades of mauve, plum and bold gemstone colours.

End of Summer Beauty. Part II

Having spent some time on my rooftop terrace gardening (yes! YES! I know! I’m shocked myself!) I fell in love with moor plants, namely heather and erica. Their magnetic colours look both real and artificial, if you know what I mean, ladies. So, inspired by their lush green and their most magestic purples here come my make-up favourites for autumn 2014. Together with a few rants. autumn-beauty-picks2Here you see my new fave colours with a new fragrance that I’ll review in an extra post. Let’s discuss colours today!

But first, a rant. Yes, a rant.

Because whoever makes up names for organic beauty products at Alva Coleur and at PHB… Well. Are you kidding us? ARE YOU KIDDING US???
Take the PHB mineral eye shadow.
Why would anyone name a royal blue with a dash of Yves Klein ‘Midnight’?
Midnight blue to anyone here on planet Earth is much, much darker, less saturated.
Don’t get me wrong, the PHB colour is a real treat as you will see in a second.
But whoever picked the name went probably like:
Err, dang it’s blue, but it would be just too damn boring to call it blue… dark blue? silk blue? royal blue?… let me check my facebook… oh my, I work extra hours by now… what time is it? ha! brilliant! boss? let’s call it MIDNIGHT!

SWATCHING MY AUTUMNAL FAVES (all organic, palm-oil-free, most vegan)

Another, even better – or worse – example of quite successfully misleading the customer with a colour name are Alva Coleur with their lipstick.
What would you expect when you bought ‘Dark Red‘?
Surely not this pale rosewood, amirite!?alva-coleur-lipstick-dark-red-swatch-review-and-rantAnd may I add that this 8.80€ lipstick comes in a fragile, shaky case made of black paper, and the stick itself is covered in scratches and dust inside. Now isn’t that lovely. Just what I except when I buy organic beauty: a boldly named, yet pathetically packaged absolutely pale colour. *wields sarcasm sign*
The colour itself is actually very pretty. It’s just so NOT. DARK. RED. Okay?
It’s rosewood with warm undertones. It’s Ecocert-certified and vegan.

So, PHB, Alva, if you ever need assistance naming a colour next, please, please don’t hesitate.
I will help you, you just ask. Okay?
Dark red my ass…”

On to my next swatch. alva-liquid-edition-lipbalm-softrose-swatchWhat time is it? Redemption time! Because Alva’s liquid edition lip balm just wows. This is by far my favourite product, ever. It smells of roses, feels like a kiss, and gives your lips the most stunning, fresh, glas-like wet, juicy finish. I can’t do without it anymore. It gives your the pout of a teenager. And since I’ve been pouting through my entire adolescence… A steal, too, at 6€; vegan; Ecocert certified.

My next treasure is lip care.dr-bronners-lip-balm-orange-ginger-swatchNo pigment, just a lip balm with orange and ginger essential oils (4€). Refreshing and spicy at the same time, just the right thing for colder days. Come into my pocket, little light. Come on in. Contains beeswax. [USDA-organic, NaTure and Leaping Bunny certified.]

Speaking of light.phb-ethical-beauty-mineral-miracles-organic-lipgloss-rose-violet-swatchThe super shimmery PHB lipgloss in ‘rose violet’ is rich and silky, it glides exactly like those silicone monsters from the drugstore do, just this one is organic, vegan, fair trade, Leaping Bunny certified and gluten-free goodness. There’s a lot of pigment, too, and the shimmer is in the pigment/texture, not in the finish. Adorable. The colour is a stunner. And at 17€, it better be!

A great match is the PHB organic (vegan; fair trade; Leaping Bunny certified; gluten-free) lipstick in ‘Plum’.PHB-EthicalBeauty-MineralMiracles-Organic-Lipstick-Plum-reviewThe coverage is slightly patchy for a 17€ lipstick, but when you dab ‘Rose Violet’ on top, it becomes perfection. The colour is less plum, more like red wine or blood red with a cool shimmer. 

And now, please meet: ‘Midnight’!PHB-EthicalBeauty-MineralMiraclesEyeshadow-Midnight-swatch-reviewThis rich, sapphire blue colour (PHB Ethical Beauty Mineral Miracles Eyeshadow ‘Midnight, 12€) is pure rock’n’roll! Wow! As you can see, it suits even green eyes, and can be applied, like all mineral eye shadows, dry or wet. The wet eyeliner you are able to create with this free-from formula is breathtakingly beautiful, intense and precise. [INGREDIENTS: Mica, iron oxides, ultramarines, (+/-) titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate.]

Today’s last colour is an emerald green peel-off (water-based) nail polish.autumn-beauty-picks3Suncoat’s ‘Greenista’ has the same gemstone-like, shimmering, lush intensity as my first Suncoat colour ‘Lovely Lapis’ (review, ingredients, swatch and peel ‘swatch’ here). Nail art to follow!my-autumn-beauty-colour-picks

Happy September, Adventurers!


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at BEAUTYCALYPSE.com (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. BLYSS chocolate

    I wish you would make a box. Where every season change for 200 euro I could get your pick of colours and products.

  2. Lol, naming that lipstick “Dark Red” leaves me baffled, I will never understand why things like that happen. But at least your rant about it made me laugh. 🙂
    I mostly like the same colours throughout the whole year, bright, clear lipsticks and nothing extraordinary for the eyes.

  3. Love this post, the colours are gorgeous but I agree with you, definitely need some help with the names! I’m always skeptical of colour swatches online so I go more by the name…but if the names aren’t that good that’s not helpful! I love the blue shadow, looks gorgeous with your eye colour!

  4. Heather in Arles

    These are all absolutely gorgeous! Perfect, perfect for this time of year. And of course, healthy is always in season. 🙂

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