Blog Hop + My “Rentrée”

In which I officially return from my (unannounced) holiday; discuss a French word; and you get a sweet behind-the-scenes.

I love the French word “la rentrée”.
First, I love its sound. Next, I just love its meaning.
And it means, quite simply, start of school, coming from the verb rentrer that, in turn, means coming back, so it is one of those words that hide a world inside: rentrée means new books and pens, department stores’ season sale, end of summer, cocktail & soirée invitations, darker evenings, colder mornings, warmer sweaters, redder lipstick, birds flying south, home improvement, long walks in the nearby park… it’s all this and so much more rolled into one short word. I let the little word start with a snoring rrrren, jump at the tip of my tongue t! and leave me with a bumpy but stout kick-start of rée – and I have a movie unfold before my eyes…autumnal-coloursmy-rooftop-terracehome-improvementmy-rooftop

You guessed right: last week, and the week before, I was on holiday.

I had a very leisure-y posting schedule, and I hope you didn’t mind 😉
By the way, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to one of my favourite (holiday) places on Earth, the Corbières. Together with la Provence and la Finistère, those are magical places.
Check it out if you’ve never visited before!misstic-graffito-arles-2010{Picture: a fragment of a MissTic graffito I photographed in Arles in 2010}

And today it’s so delightful to be back. Rentrée. So many lovely projects to finish and to begin.
One of those projects is the Blog Hop.


For this, a blogger answers 4 questions and nominates 2 other blogs worth checking out.
I have been nominated by the incredibly talented illustrator, photographer and actress Vanessa, and I quote:

The first [nominee] is the kick-ass Nath from Beautycalypse who is on a great quest for ethical excellence. She writes about beauty, food and life with a no BS attitude and real insights into what products are ethical to buy and use.”
– Vanessa, Take Only Memories

Wooo-hooo! Thank you so much for this intro, Vanessa! x

Ask me why do I breathe?
I write because that’s what I do. I research, analyse, and create clever things and write them down for a living (content and copy, strategy papers and branding analysis, and all sorts of marketing papers) and for fun (this! plus some horror fiction that I then perform with my authors’ theatre).

Right now I am thrilled to finish (and then show you!!!) the interview series about slow fashion announced here; I work on an interview about mica and slavery and on an interview about palm oil: alternatives or greener production that will both take some time to accomplish. There are also exciting new reviews that I work on right now.

I think BEAUTYCALYPSE has established a new genre.
I’m not running a beauty or a lifestyle or a personal blog, despite talking about exactly that and sharing a personal journey with my readers. BEAUTYCALYPSE is an ad-free blog about ethical excellence, exploring beauty as a philosophy of harmony, striving to make wise, good decisions.

This is actually another series I’m working on!
I will discuss my favourite software [spoiler: Scrivener], my way to lay out an editorial calendar, to make the most of your materials, and also explain my time management tricks believing that it might be helpful for many people out there.
But in short: my writing process follows my personal Quest and documents the questions that arise. I do have an editorial calendar, but it’s not dictated by fashions, seasons (well, not more than my life anyway), advertising, or trade fairs. It is a tool that immensely helps me organise and manage time.

I have decided to pick two blogs that are great… but not on my blogroll. Because, you see, one is not about green lifestyle and another is not written in English. Yes, that’s right, I’m hopping over to Germany with this tag! 🙂
My first nominee is Din who runs the fitness and triathlon blog extraordinaire Eiswürfel im Schuh (“ice cubes in the shoe”). My second nominée is Silk Ann Threades, a blog from New Zealand – where I haven’t been yet – about life, history, poetry, gardening, photography.




Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. I wish we had a such a lovely word to announce the changing of the season/guard. We need those markers/portals. You are kind to nominate me. I am in the middle of series which will take me to the end of the week. So it will take me a wee while but I am sure you won’t mind. 🙂

      1. I have a guest post to finish too. That’s a new one for me; kind of tricky but we all balance how much to reveal or not. By the way, the signature summer tag you started me on has brought such unexpected delights to me…. the new avatar, followed by another flower in the hair photo, a new header, and another gift of a painting. It’s a little unreal. Good things travel far. 🙂

  2. Heather in Arles

    J’adore la rentrée! Everything about it and that means learning new things…and there is no place like here to do so. 🙂
    I am delighted that you nominated Gallivanta from Silk Ann Threads, she is one of the loveliest women on the net, yourself included in that category too of course!

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