Polka Dot Nail Art, Autumnal Pastels

Polka dots are the easiest and probably most cheerful nail art imaginable. I’ve let muted turquoise, pale lemon and dusty beige lead an autumnal dance looking fun and yet elegant.

A reader asked if I would do nail art posts ever again, and I said ‘yes’.
But I had not created any particular look for a while, so this request had to wait… To wait until the first warm September days making me feel like playing with colours!
Watch this place for an Oktoberfest (“Wiesn”) mani and some more water-based lacquer fun and make sure to ask your nail polish questions and ideas in the comments below 😉

Autumnal Pastels Polka Dot Mani

This look was created using three (of five) Korres polishes I own, and a simple dotting tool from the drugstore. And no top coat – the polishes are pretty glossy on their own. Looks great with natural colours, camo patterns, and other muted colours – even with the somewhat more vibrant Pantone trend palette – that are so perfect for the early autumn days! I wanted to use colours that were not typical autumnal picks: no terracotta reds, no golden browns, no coppers, no warm colour at all. And honestly, I’m very happy with this combo. Korres-PolkaDotsManiKorresPolkaDots-Muted-Pantone-trend-colours-2014The colours look a tiny bit more muted in person, more like this:Korres-PolkaDotsManicureI sport short nails right now – since they’ve become healthy and strong, it’s almost unpleasant to wear a decent length – but for really long talons I would probably create an “ombré”-like technique to have a dotted french mani (similar to the mauve & violet look here). The dots are super easy to paint and work great with such colour combos like:
> powdery chocolate brown, beige and pale pink;
> lavender, dark muted lilac, and pale teal;
> olive, mauve, and grey;
> pale fir green, very bright pale blue, and dark grey…
> or why not translate (colour-wise) your favourite garments like scarves, bags, shoes, patterned dresses.., or complete looks even into a polka dot mani!?
Understated colours make multicoloured polka dots look elegant and serene. 



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