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I can’t tell you how happy I am about my well-deserved, much-needed summer holiday! Packing my beauty case has been a great fun, so I decided to share a few ideas with you.

Dear Adventurer, have you ever experienced traveller maximalism vs. minimalism?packing-light-for-travel-in-my-beautycase

Traveller maximalism is about shlepping half of your home with you to get all that cosy comfort with you: scented candles, favourite towels, silk PJs, sleeping mask, hair curlers, hair iron, a whole range of beauty and personal care products, travel diary, two books, outfits with matching shoes and bags – in fact, so much stuff that you could easily open a hotel boutique for a spoilt traveller by simply opening your luggage at the hotel check-in.
You gingerly pick your hotel card, and as soon as you enter the room, it’s disinfection towels and scented candle time. You clean and redesign your temporary home with the intensity of a mother visiting her only child in their student dorm room.

Traveller minimalism is basically packing only your credit card, your smartphone, and your sun glasses. After all, aren’t things just things everywhere in the world, right?

While I love – and have exercised – both sides of travelling, traveller minimalism is something you can’t quite afford if you have special dietary or skin care needs. Multifunctional products and travel sizes of your day to day favourites become particularly attractive. So putting together my two-weeks-holday beauty case for the first time (!) since having unveiled all allergies and all special needs felt like a little here’s what I’m packing; it hardly even fills 1/3 of my good old beauty case:
1. Ananné Travel Kit (day cream; night cream – that I will use and abuse for hand treatment; make-up remover)
2. Green Love ‘Black Knight’, a jojoba-based, licorice-and-patchouli essential oil perfume that I use for the scent and to fight under eye circles.
3. Scotch Naturals ‘On The Rocks’, clear water-based nail polish that will wear perfectly and is easy to fix without nail polish remover. I might swap it for the gorgeous Wildflower in a sunny, golden shimmer neon orange last minute! Ah, the thrill of it.
4. rms beauty Lip to Cheek in ‘Sacred’, obviously to get a hot pink pout or some I-pinched-my-cheek blush on; rms beauty Un-Cover Up in ’11’ that works just fine as concealer, eye brow contouring help and lip contour (together with #12).
5. Green Love tox-free Grapefruit & Vanilla deodorant. Small glass jar. One of my 2 tox-free deo favourites. Have you seen the deo deathmatch yet?
6. Balm Balm face tonic frankincense. Smallest size. Read here my earlier review of this and #8.
7. The 7 Virtues ‘Vetiver of Haiti’ Eau de Parfum. Some earthiness is just what the doctor prescribed for my countryside destination among vineyards and mountains.
8. Balm Balm frankincense make-up remover (because the Ananné one might not be enough).
9. Akamuti Raspberry Seed Oil – my sunscreen.rms
10. Not in picture: Abury evening clutch, read on 😉
11. Travel make-up brush (it’s nearly antique but in an amazing state; by T. LeClerc)
12. Muji mini Q-tips – ideal for rms Un-Cover Up application!
13. Hardly even visible here is my make-up alternative: starch-based and blackcurrant infused Finishing Dust, Everyday Minerals.
14. Organic cotton pads, great to apply Finishing Dust!
15. Ines de Castilho Skin Jewellery, part self-adhesive, hypoallergenic tattoo sticker, part rhinestone fashion jewellery. I have first tested it on my journey to find nail polish alternatives.
16. Dr. Hauschka Eye Solace, a tox-free treatment for tired, puffy, burning eyes I totally swear by. Have you missed my detailed review? Read it here.
17. Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask in a single sachet. I have reviewed the mask in my earlier post Dr Hauschka High Five (that also contains the list of Dr Hauschka products that are free from palm oil and PO-derived ingredients).

In addition, I’ll be packing a shower gel (no shampoo) and some toiletries, but still – the total number of beauty-related items for me to carry will not exceed a total of 23!

Travel Sets/Kits: Yay or Nay

While you might recognise most of the products here from earlier reviews, Ananné is a brand I had planned to test one day. I shall review the products soon. Right now I must say, I love travel sets on one hand, on the other hand it’s like with eye shadow palettes: there’s always something you can’t use. Here, it’s the ultra-nourishing night cream. I never use night creams.ananne-travel-kitananne-travel-kit-rangeananne-packaging-and-descriptionBut I found that it’s a great, albeit luxurious, substitute for hand cream, hand treatment even; and given the Lara-Croft-ish amount of ruins and castles I am planning to see, a rich hand cream is something I can actually use. Well, we’ll see 🙂

Nevertheless, if I had a green, cleen, fabulous beauty brand myself, I would offer travel sizes of all produts, along with sweet & sensible travel-kit systems to carry them jars or bottles. After all, who am I to dictate to people what exactly they might need when travelling?”

Suddenly Party?

While I’m not planning any chic events, you just never know when it gets you 🙂 Just in case I need to vamp up my outfit in the blink of an eye, an embroidered straw clutch (Abury, a social enterprise from Berlin) and my Ines de Castilho skin jewellery are my…holiday-party-kit-simple-accessoriesYes, a two-part party kit. To quote the animated goat from a funny Red Riding Hood remake: “Be prepaaaaaaared!”

I think that choosing smaller – and travel size – products as well as multi-functional items is key to efficient packing.
Make-up wise, I like that I’m packing just three products, a finishing dust with an anti-breakout ingredient (blackcurrant), a multi-functional concealer, and a lips & cheeks colour.
I don’t focus on being overly minimalistic simply because I enjoy an occasional treat during holiday, and need the security of a time-tested product for skincare and relaxation.

Have you been on holiday in 2014 already?
Are you a luxury-loving maximalist traveller or an asketic minimalist traveller and why?




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  1. Wow – that’s a lotta stuff – I must admit I’m never prepared for holidays and end up spending half my time shopping for all the things I didn’t take 😉 Have a great one – you deserve it – especially if you’ve worked all through summer and are only just getting a break now!! xx

  2. Din

    Wish you the most wonderful holiday time! Love all the goodies you packed and it fills up my list on everything what I need to try.

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