Rice Bran Oil | Ingredient Alchemy Lab #11

Product review and ingredient check: discover with me why Rice Bran Oil is amazing, why it’s great for grooming (shaving!) and how it can simplify Your own beauty routine.

Alchemy Lab: Rice Bran Oil

This precious edible oil with high smoke point and a very delicate taste is a popular kitchen/pantry staple in Asia, and part of Japanese beauty rituals. Rice bran oil contains a very stable antioxidant called Oryzanol and is a raw material for saponification and for production of rice bran wax – a cosmetics, shoe polishing, and confectionery ingredient.akamuti-rice-bran-oil

An interesting fact is that rice bran oil has a balanced oleic acid vs. linoleic acid ratio, plus it’s high in palmitic acid, giving it a fatty acid profile similar to argan oil and making it beneficial for irritated and acne-prone skin. Oryzanol gives rice bran oil some UVA- and UBV-filtering qualities.

akamuti-rice-bran-oil-open-bottleWhy the oleic-linoleic balance matters? Well, acne prone skin (with that sticky, pores-clogging, thick sebum) has a disbalance, and is deficient in linoleic acid.
And so, oils rich in linoleic acids are more likely to restore skin balance:
black seed oil, hemp seed oil, rosehip seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and some more.
If you remember, we’ve discussed this in the post on skin care in summer for adult, breakout-prone skin.
Oils rich in oleic acid on the other hand – olive oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil – are more likely to provoke acne and breakouts.
[Source: Olionatura]

Loot Review: Akamuti Japanese Beauty Oil – Rice Bran

When applied, this particular rice bran oil (only ingredient: ORYZA SATIVA) feels light, almost like a liquid moisturiser, and leaves skin feeling moisturised, nearly silky, but not oily or greasy.akamuti-rice-bran-oi

I’ve tested it for moisturiser (face, under eye area, dry skin – hands and elbows), make-up removal, salt peeling component (exquisite!), hair and scalp treatment, hand treatment, and it has been like Hermione Granger of all oils: class winner, always! I’ve even asked a friend for her waterproof mascara – and it removed it, literally melting it away. Skin is left smooth, soft, velvety to the touch.

A dream, really. Much like another favourite, broccoli seed oil, only at half the price!

Gentlemen, particularly the mustache-sporting, bearded type, will love this as their one-ingredient whiskers care.
And if you are a fan of wet shaving, let rice bran oil sit on your skin prior to shaving, it will ease the process and act as a natural pre-shave treatment.

When I’ll be packing (super-)light for holidays, I’ll be taking this infinite-in-one wonder with me!”

Yeah, But Can You Blend It?

Yes! Rice oil blends well with others oils.akamuti-rice-bran-oil-close-up-labelWhether you infuse it with golden shimmer to obtain a silky, irresistible, DIY bronzer or if you use it as base oil for your essential oil experiments. I also found a sea salt scrub made of rice bran oil + sea salt + two drops essential oil a bliss. Blended with a few drops of raspberry oil, it’s been my lightweight sunscreen during summer (granted, I was not sunbathing) and I hardly even got some tan. And in my case that’s a perk, not a bug!

Looks like we have a winner here. But the oil lab will return soon with more detailed reviews of other oils I’ve mentioned here earlier.


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