Green Up Your Potato Salad! [My Simple Healthy Recipes #15]

Healthy, special, quick & easy to make AND portable (let’s green up those office lunch breaks), this delicious, creamy potato salad is also great for BBQ and party.

What you need for 1 person*:
Two large, cooled jacket potatoes (with their skin on and baked, potatoes retain the most of their healthy goodness),
One small ripe avocado,
Two green onions,
One hot pepper or two if you like – I use pickled ones if I can’t get fresh,
2 TBSP pumpkin seed oil (read here more about pumpkin seed oil taste, health benefits, and cooking ideas)
Salt, white pepper to taste
Simply chop the ingredients, season, and blend carefully, so that the avocado can hug each ingredient. Even if you aren’t a big avocado fan – I am not – in this mix, it caters for both some cucumber-ish freshness AND the ‘melting’, silky sensations that otherwise only a boiled egg can bring. The pumpkin seed oil will give the salad a (nice) greenish cast and an incredibly appetising roasted aroma.salad

Optional: decorate with sesame seeds, fresh coriander greens, or some more chopped scallions.
Variation: if you don’t eat potatoes, substitute them with either (A) one small, oven roasted sweet potato or (B) blanched cauliflower.

The salad can be easily stored in your favourite container. Tastes best at room temp.

*Adjust accordingly if you prep it for a party.

Bon apetit!

And hey, Don’t Skip Lunch 😉


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