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Patchouli of Rwanda: The 7 Virtues’ Barb Stegemann about the newest fragrance of peace, and how they give away a bottle a week *before* the official launch in September!

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.
– John Lennon

You will remember Barb Stegemann and the vegan, phthalate and paraben free unisex fragrances that help rebuild from several BEAUTYCALYPSE posts:

1. My first review in November 2013 (when I purchased the Custom Box with the complete range),
2. My interviews with Barb that were published on the niche perfumery blog Olfactoria’s Travels, on The Next Women business magazine (“Can Business Create Peace?”) and on Localspotter, the lifestyle blog celebrating luxury crafts.
3. I’ve been quite impressed by her book The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen and have reviewed it in the inaugural post of my reading series Bookshelf Monthly.

Yes, I am that impressed.
Even more so after I had the honour of meeting Barb in person this February in Berlin during the German launch.
Barb is a woman of action, and she is wise and generous.
And for me, it’s a pleasure to support her amazing company.
(Especially if I think back of all the useless, artificially expensive, toxic bottles of perfume I’ve spent a fortune on during my late teenage years; perfumes that used to give me headaches and God knows what else.)

Positive Change: Barb Stegemann About Patchouli of Rwanda

Barb’s company uses business to empower struggling communities that would otherwise be invisible. The business model is not charity – it’s partnership.
With each fragrance, a new story is told, a new community involved, and new positive change happens.the7virtues-range-visualsrwanda-courtesy-the7virtuespatchouli-of-rwanda-the7virtues-closeupThe upcoming fragrance, Patchouli of Rwanda will hit the shelves on September 21st in celebration of International Day of Peace, and I was very curious to learn a few things in advance:

– Barb, what has impressed you the most in the community in Rwanda?
– Their joy. These women have had horrific things happen in their lives. Lost husbands, children, and other unimaginable horrors that have left them living with HIV in poverty. Yet there they are happier and more joyous than any group of people, grateful to have jobs to take care of their families. They also share a deep faith.

Meeting our farmers in Rwanda and being welcomed into homes they built with their income from harvesting patchouli showed us the direct benefits of harnessing our buying power in the beauty industry for positive change.”

barbstegemann-and-the-fragrance-of-peace-rwanda– Patchouli is a challenge to work with, as it is very powerful and strong – maybe a few insights on the process?
– Yes, this fragrance took longer than the rest to finalize. Patchouli is so earthy. We worked for months on its finessing. Then my husband batched the fragrance and worked with the formula as it was still very sharp off the top, he was able to take it to a place that made me very happy. He has always loved fragrance and we will spend time in Grasse France with him so he can take this natural gift and learn more. Very exciting for us personally to discover we have a budding nose right in our home.

– I’ve seen that you have worked with beauty connoisseurs again to „fine tune“ the new fragrance. Was the outcome a surprise? 
– Everyone loved the 5th of 6 variations when we met with media in London, NYC and Toronto. So this gave us the confidence to go in this direction with a citrus base that also shoulders beautifully with our other fragrances so you can blend again and create your own peace fragrance.
But we still had to go back and forth for months afterwards. Patchouli is so earthy and so many people are telling us this is their favourite of all of our fragrances which is reassuring after the many many months of finessing. {BC}

the7virtues-rangeAnd this, dear Adventurers, is the recipe that I personally can’t wait to discover in person:
Top notes:
Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit

Middle notes:
Tea Leaves, Cedar flower, Jasmine, Juniper berry, Freesia

Base notes:
Sheer Musk, Patchouli, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Green Hibiscus.

Chance To Win Patchouli of Rwanda – Before The Launch

I love ethical businesses – and just as much I do admire marketing savvy.make-perfume-not-war
Here is a glorious international “campaign” that The 7 Virtues are launching on social media: you are invited to either (A) print out the poster with The 7 Virtues slogan “make perfume not war”, write your own message instead of the word ‘perfume’ or, (B) if you’re based in Canada, get your buns over to a Hudson Bay, pick a temporary peace tattoo and wear it.
Then all you need to do, it take a picture of yourself (A) holding the poster or (B) sporting the tat, and share it for a chance to win a bottle of the new fragrance that helps rebuild. When you post your picture, use the hashtags #MakePerfumeNotWar or, respectively, #PeaceTattoo.
Share where? On Twitter and Instagram.
Good luck!
Here’s my contribution “make ethical decisions not war”, and I am proudly wearing the original The 7 Virtues tee (a triple selfie from somebody who hates selfies; I’m in awe at the irony of that).make-ethical-decisions

To clarify: BEAUTYCALYPSE is not hosting this draw, I am only the messenger 😉
Please find all details and the poster that you need to participate over on the website of The 7 Virtues.

But I am not relying on luck alone. I will be the first person to head for The 7 Virtues counter in the Galeries Lafayette Berlin on 21st September!
And of course, a review will follow -> here it is!

Peace, Adventurers.
So, what do You make?



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