My Signature Summer Look {Tag!} * Beauty Look #1

In which I decide “why should make-up brands have ALL THE FUN” and start my own “Your Summer Signature Look”-tag for green beauty bloggers!

If you’ve seen my earlier rant about most brands’ seasonal looks, you know what I’m talking about here. Plus:
Wouldn’t you agree that creating a look is more fun than simply following along, once you know what you’re doing, application-wise?

In addition, creating an updated seasonal look from beauty products that you already own for a while helps you use up “forgotten” beauty products or maybe come up with a new use or uncover a new trick while you’re at that! It also can help with your Spending Ban, a popular thing among green beauty bloggers, – or help prevent the purchase of your 20th nude lipstick 😀
I loved this idea the more I thought about it, and I’m sure that quite a few fellow bloggers will appreciate it as well!

So, how does the tag work!?

Create your Signature Summer Look, make your post as detailed or casual as you like (the style of your post is completely up to you, you can include a how-to video or a step-by-step visual, or only the look + description) and then post it following these Rules: 

  1. Link back to this post so I can include you + and title your post as I have.
  2. Only use make-up products that you own for 6 months minimum. No exceptions! And have a lot of fun creating, as though you were introducing your own collection.
  3. Please tag other 5 to 10 green beauty bloggers, making sure they notice 😉
    And the best part: if you’re not a green beauty blogger but like to join the fun, just do it following the rules 1-3!

And I tag, in alphabetical order:

1. Amber (Amber’s Beauty Talk) – oh, now that she’s been tagged by Ana, too… 😉
2. Ana (Ana Goes Green) >>> Lovely Ana did her Summer Look in September, so it softly transitions into Your Signature Autumn Look 😀
3. Julchen (All Things Julchen/ Allerlei Julchen) >>> A lovely video (in German) and a great choice of rms and Hiro products!
4. Liz (Smells Like A Green Spirit) >>> Liz has called her fresh and light-catching look quite appropriately ‘Light & Versatility’
5. Lynda (Wonderlusting) >>> …
6. Naturally – Paula (Saints Chick) >>> A really fresh, elegant look {video}
7. Pemberley (Pemberley Jones) >>> she was the first to post her look on Instagram (and tagged three more amazing beauty bloggers, yay!)
8. Rachel (All Natural Aspirations)
9. Sarita (Edible Facial – Peace on the Skin & Peace Within) >>> Check out Sarita’s “summer-into-fall” look + video!
10. Sonja (Life in Blush) >>> Sonja rocks a lovely sun-kissed, dewy fresh summer look. OMG, made me feel like it’s Midsummer!
…and YOU – if you like to participate!
>>> Here’s the wonderful Gallivanta who has joined the Signature Summer Look fun by creating hairdos with real, most delicate flowers in her gorgeous silver mane!
>>> Here’s the natural daytime look by the beautiful green blogger Ru (who was tagged by fellow bloggers and was kind enough to let me know about her look! Thanks so much, love!)

My Signature Summer Look

Since I’ve put aside all products containing unethical palm oil, mascaras and contouring pencils (lips and eyes) are hors de question.
I still own two mascaras that I had stocked, but I don’t like to use them, knowing about this particular ingredient.
Yes, I am aware that beauty brands are not the worst offenders in the PO debate – but seriously, even if you’re responsible for 0.1% of destruction, this is not a sweet number, and I don’t want to support this.

Another problem is, sadly, mica. This uber-ubiquitous mineral shimmer can be unethically sourced, as you can read in this Danish study [link opens a PDF document] – a topic I will return to shortly.

So anyway, my Signature Summer Look is simply about having fun with mineral make-up textures. I call it “CHALK & WATERCOLOURS” because of the fun effect that can be achieved.products-used-chalk-and-watercoloursProducts used, from left to right:
Satin Matte Eyeshadow ‘Raven‘ (Alima Pure); Eye Shadow Duo ‘Fuchsia‘ (alva couleur, ECOCERT certified); Jojoba Base Foundation ‘Cream‘ (Everyday Minerals); Luminous Shimmer Blush ‘Guava‘ (Alima Pure); shimmer pigment ‘Sparkling Harmony‘ (alva couleur, ECOCERT certified).dry-textures-mineral-make-up-BC blending-with-water-and-moisturiser-BCWith water and different brushes, mineral powders can look like a pencil, like an eyeliner, or like a transparent ‘wash’ of colour. For dry application, I like to use a cotton round – hygienic, soft, and more precise than even a kabuki brush.

And here are the pictures 🙂

step1-eyebrows-transparent-liquid-eye-shadowstep2-foundationstep3-highlightstep4-eyeliner-in-goldstep5-blush-and-golden-highlightmysignaturelookSo, my Signature Summer Look needs one shade of a cool, mauve-tinted brown, one cool lavender pink, one warm coral pink, and one golden shimmer – and is all about:

– defined eyebrows;
– a tint of matte brown-grey colour to create a slightly more pronounced crease;
– a shimmery, eye-opening golden eyeliner;
– a lavender pink highlight that looks a bit like a chalk streak with metallic effect;
– coral cheeks highlighted with the same golden dust used on the eyes.
A soft, beautifying, urban look that’s super easy to create and is neither afraid of heat nor of a sudden shower.
My favourite parts are both the transparent ‘liquid eyeshadow’ and the pink ‘streaky’ highlight that only shows when you bat your lashes. This look does highlight high cheekbones, to an extent of making them look slightly artificial, but I just love how the two products used catch the light 😉my-signature-summer-look-chalk-and-watercolours

And now it’s Your Turn! Show me your creative power 😉


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

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  1. Chalk and watercolours. How do come up with this, you makeup maestro? 😉 Simply brilliant. Your seasonal signature look is so neat, fresh, and most importantly, you (stunner Nath)
    So thank you for tagging me, I’ll post mine, hopefully next week 🙂

  2. Love this TAG, thanks for creating it. I have been wanting to participate in a summer related TAG for some time now but they often contain a lot of questions I can’t really answer (fav nail colour of self tanner, don’t use them) or are sponsored (Starbucks!!!). Yours is perfect and I will share my signature summer look gladly.

    Btw, your look is so beautiful, it looks effortless and natural with the right amount of glamour.

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