Your Signature Summer Look

Do seasonal looks, brought up by make-up brands, ever inspire you – or do you prefer a Signature Look you’ve created and honed yourself?

Now let’s be clear:
I’m the first to admire the creativity and prowess and the spirit of innovation displayed by professional Make-Up Artists.
I’ve been looking up to the artistic genius of Aucoin & Co. throughout the nineties.
These days bloggers are the heroines of (albeit non-eco-related) creativity: Ivana of Love Aesthetics who, while not a beauty blogger nor a make-up artist herself, creates the most stunning geometric, quite effortless beauty details. Sandra Holmbom, the beautiful creator of the viral eye-lip look and Killer Colours, another notoriously talented Swedish beauty blogger, are also trained make-up artists.

Seasonal Trend: The Thrill Is Gone

However, with a deluge of available make-up collections, most brands‘ seasonal looks are, well, let’s say: predictable.
They can’t be anything else. The goal of those looks is selling, not creating. And it’s okay. They can be surprising, shocking, or classic, but we can’t look for inspiration where none is involved* by design.
Oh, how do I know?
I’ve kept a diary.
Since FW 1998.

* There ARE of course exciting & edgy exceptions and occasional novelties, but…

Signature Look: Bring Back The Romance

I think, however, that a signature look is a beautiful concept; albeit only if you turn back to its origins leading to A Woman’s – not a collection’s – Signature Look. Hepburn. Hepburn. Bacall. Kelly. Loren. Bardot. Deneuve. Monroe. West. Brooks.

Treat this precious, beautifying, recognisable signature look to a fancy Special Something every season, et voila, that’s the recipe to Your Own, Ever-Evolving, Ever-Gorgeous, Always-Modern Signature Look!
And it’s Slow Fashion by definition.

Now this idea resonates a lot with me, in particular because I still own a little suitcase of mineral and organic make-up. I am not sure about their green qualities these days (key word: mica), but I am determined to keep them in use until I know better. They’re 100% palm-oil-free though – here I am making absolutely no exceptions. All mascaras are gone. All pencils are gone.
Oh and by the way, my personal signature look usually is all about green or purple eyeliner, applied generously, and a surprising nail polish colour. Or it’s just a red lip and highlighted cheekbones and eye brows.

Now tell me, Adventurer: What is YOUR Signature Look?
How do you update it in summer?
Who and what inspires You?
Do you have a Signature Hair Cut?
Or a Signature Scent?
Do you vamp it up every now and then?


Geeking out about all things truly green, healthy and ethical over at (Avatar illustration by A. Goncharenko)

17 Responses

  1. Heaven forbid; thinking about this, I have to confess my signature look is most likely the glasses on the end of the nose. And that’s not really a signature; it’s pure laziness. 😦

      1. I don’t feel bad about it, really, but you did make me sit up and think! I haven’t even been putting on my jewellery lately which is unusual for me.

          1. It is indeed. And since most of them were acquired with scant regard for the environment, the very least I can do, to account for past sins, is to appreciate and wear them. I will get back to them, though.

  2. Heather in Arles

    My beauty style is pretty samesame – a light bronze shimmer on the lids with mascara and either a nude or red lip. I would say that has been my look since the 80s! 🙂 No signature scent, yet…

      1. Heather in Arles

        Enfin, oui. And moved! Take that, thiefy postman!!! You would like this new house, I think…if you are every our way…

  3. BLYSS chocolate

    Great point about signature statement. I love Bring Back The Romance. My style has typically been schizophrenic and changing to match my moods. One day running pants and trainers, the next a ball gown, and the next a retro mashup. viva la #change

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