A Moment of Blush. In Prague!

Today I’m quickly sharing with you an epic moment from the past weekend, and just five tips should you ever visit Prague!

Can you believe it!?
It only takes about four hours to get from Berlin to Prague, both by train and by car, and yet I’ve only managed to get there this year.
And that’s, ladies and gents, that’s why I hate bucket lists. You jot it down, and it’s forgotten. I’m more of a treasure map gal. But I digress.

Why have I suddenly packed a suitcase?
Because of this girl:lifeinblush-sonja-portraitI’ve met Sonja, the founder of Life in Blush, online thanks to a morning routine post on the No More Dirty Looks blog, and we totally hit it off on Twitter. You might remember Sonja from my blogroll, or from my Hall of Fame, or maybe even from the thoughtful comments she leaves here as often as her busy schedule allows. She’s very informed on the topic of ‘rewildering’ your health and has a great no-BS attitude that Yours Truly so appreciates in individuals. The right blend of crazy and forward thinking, beautiful and bright.

Now, Sonja was headed for a European holiday with her lovely friends, and they had a stay in Prague planned.
Figuring it was the best opportunity to finally meet in person, we found a day and time and place, and my trip to Prague was sealed.prague-viewsbeauty-bloggers-lunch-in-pragueOf course, our lunch that took place in the cool and breezy patio of a great local restaurant was epic.
What do you think do green beauty bloggers chat about over lunch? Nail polish? Far from it! We discussed worrisome ingredients, big pharma, big food, greenwashing, pinkwashing, natural health, education and inspiration, community and change-making, to only name a few topics. Some geeking out over Sons of Anarchy and Downton Abbey occurred as well. We’re human, too! 😀
The downside: those few hours were over too soon!

Sonja, it was such an epic meeting.
I wish you and your gang a lovely and safe Europe holiday; and tweet you soon!

Particular thanks to my honey for coming with me and all the love & support!

Top Five Reasons to Visit Prague

prague-is-beautiful1. TREND & TRADITION. Prague is Tripadvisor’s top city to visit in 2014 and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites
2. VISUAL PLEASURE. Prague is irresistibly beautiful: Gothic architecture meets Art Nouveau; Renaissance architecture kisses Baroque; Ultra-Modern meets Cubist
3. NOMNOMNOM. If you’re into beer, the Czech Beer Festival is calling your name. Local food is a bit heavy on animal fat, but great new veggie venues will make everyone happy
4. LUXURY. Luxurious Bohemian crystal and garnet jewellery made by local artisans (beware of tourist shops)
5. CULTURE. Prague is one of the most important cultural centres in Europe, home to one of the oldest universities and several cultural venues plus The place to be to indulge in serious moonlight live jazz and blues.

My Personal Top 5 Prague

For a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free meal, book a table at Lehka Glava (1) or their sister restaurant with the charme of a yoga studio Maitrea (2) in the heart of Prague’s old town that is a magic maze of incredibly beguiling houses and small one way streets. A river cruise (3) is a relaxed way to discover the city.

Things I need to check out next time: Chateau Mcely natural beauty (4) and a Ghost tour (5).

And finally: have you seen my thoughts on greener business trips?
Check it out if you’ve missed it, and let me know your burning questions, for there’s another green / eco travel post about holiday planning coming next!


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