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GREAT NEWS: Prix Veuve Clicquot, an award for outstanding business women, announces its 2014 nominees. Let’s celebrate a friend!

The Award

The Prix Veuve Clicquot is a business women award, an hommage to the actual Madame Clicquot, a young widowed woman who revolutionised her industry and serves as an inspiration and muse for all modern-day nominees and awardees.
The award is celebrated in 27 countries worldwide and takes place between March and June, depending on each country’s timeline.

Prix Veuve Clicquot Deutschland

Let’s agree that the world today is in desperate need of game changing, bold spirits.

The German Award nominees are just being announced, five per week, and I was thrilled and happy to see that one of them is my dear friend, founder of BLYSS CHOCOLATE Alyssa Jade Macdonald-Bärtl, a real food industry pioneer, a maker, a game changer, and – as if this wasn’t enough, seriously! – one of the kindest, supportive, most generous hearts I’ve ever met in my entire life. You have met Lyss on BEAUTYCALYPSE earlier, and since I am a great fan of her chocolate, pure, raw, antioxidative, empowering, too, the brand has got itself a tag of its own over here (you should check it out).alyssa-macdonald-blyss-choc-prix-veuve-clicquot-nomineeLyss is constantly jetting around the globe on a mission to share knowledge, support innovators, and connect like-minded people.
You can get in touch and take in the taste of cacao-flavoured adventures over on Twitter.
Having suggested Lyss (along with another young entrepreneur) via the web form which is closed now, I can admit that I feel particularly good about her nomination!
nominees-thanks-for-nominatingI can see however that the jury will have a hard time deciding, since I spot at least two more truly game changing spirits, Manomama‘s feisty founder Sina Trinkwalder and Andrea Kolb, the social enterpreneur behind Abury Collection.
Sina Trinkwalder has stirred up the world of fast fashion by establishing a 100% local, 100% made-in-Germany, 100% fair and organic clothes brand. She’s very present on Twitter, where her industry rants and a daily coffee count are cult. Key phrase: “And now I work heart”. Abury’s Andrea Kolb works “with the people, not for the people” in Morocco and Ecuador, creating beautiful accessories and fashion with local artisans.

Good luck then, Jury 😉

German Website
UK Website
French Websiteprix-veuve-clicquot-germany-web

And let me finish this beautiful news with Lyss’ award profile statement:

With chocolate, I can SHOW and BE the change I wish to see in agroecology and nutrition. 
It’s not about standing on the edges and looking it, it is about getting the hands dirty, making the examples and sharing the learning.
That is how we can influence industry change.”
– Alyssa Jade Macdonald-Bärtl

Gosh. Gotta love it.
Do You feel the vibe of change, too?



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