Since I’m in the Vitamix ‘club’, no vegs can escape this 2-horsepower-device!
However, green smoothies can start tasting all the same. 

What’s in a green smoothie? Kale, cucumber, celery, romaine, spinach? A green apple, and half a lemon? A slice of ginger? Maybe ananas pineapple, mango, or banana for added sweetness? Berries? Seeds? Cacao, avocado, peanut butter? There are many recipes, and you will have a hard time messing it up, because it’s near impossible. For a health boost, the rule of thumb is to go for vegs and add only little fruit.hacking-smoothiesPersonally, I try to create different flavours by adding different liquids, sometimes it’s plant milk (rice, coconut), sometimes it’s green or herbal tea (dandelion, nettle), sometimes it’s juice (artichoke, ginger, apple spritz). My fave smoothie recipes include allllllll them classics green and red, as well as a few weird creations of my own, such as my scary looking but overall amazing Black Blood smoothie that my fellow scifi nerds will rejoice at if they’ve watched SyFy’s “deadly zombie virus and gross black puke”-show HELIX (highly recommend!).

But recently I’ve acquired two additions to my staple: one is a blend of bitter juices, another is a range of powdered plant goodness.

Herbaria, Bittrio – Tasting & Review

I’ve discovered the sirupy concoction called Bittrio during my visit to the Next Organic Berlin. Since naturally bitter plants have been cultivated to produce less bitterness (for a milder, sweeter taste, but thus losing their health powers), Herbaria, a German producer of strictly organic herbs, teas and spices have created Bittrio: a liquid powerhouse of bitter.herbaria-bittrio-layout herbaria-bittrio-shotglas-trio herbaria-bittrio-shotglasherbaria-bittrio-ingredientsBittrio is vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free and additives-free; it’s made of artichoke, dandelion, gentian root, turmeric root, yarrow, ginger, fennel, camomile flowers, orange peels, herb bennet, buckbean leaves, cardamom and agave sirup. The taste is similar to a bitter. Agave sirup would be my only criticism, but then there’s obvisouly less than 4% of it in there.

I like to enjoy a pure shot of Bittrio straight from the fridge or to add a shot to the green smoothies, as it elevates the taste from “girl, you’re drinking unsalted veg soup” to “whoa, now we’re taaaawking!

Bittrio is available in most organic supermarkets in Germany and will sure hit the shelves everywhere else where you can get Herbaria.

Lebepur, 100% Pur – Tasting & Review

Lebepur are a Berlin-based company, specialising in freeze-dryed plant extracts. On their website, they provide reviews and recipes. The 100% Pur range consists of: hibiscus, rose hip, red banana (wut?), mint, green tea, buckhorn, kale, dandelion, spinach, beetroot, wheatgrass, raspberry, nettle, broccoli, aronia berries, and barley grass. Wow, right?lebepur-powerhouse-powderslebepur-powdersnettle-leaf-powder-lebepur rose-hip-powder-lebepurThe tiny Lebepur packets err on the side of expensive, but I figured that rose hip (hellowwww, vitamins) and nettle (hellowwww, health booster, hellowww vitamins A, C, hello iron, potassium, manganese, calcium!) that are both valuable and hard to get fresh and in good quality, would be a great addition to my recipes.

I add rose hip if recipes can use a dash of sour but I don’t feel like drinking lemon juice.
Nettle adds a grass-like, “green” taste to milder recipes (for example ‘sweetened’ with a few chunks of pineapple or melon).”

Lebepur have an online shop and are widely available in German organic supermarkets.

Now it’s your turn, Adventurers.
Do you drink green smoothies?
What are your fave recipes?
What are your favourite superfood ingredients?
(Do you want to see the Black Blood smoothie?) 😉


23 replies on “Hacking Green Smoothies

  1. Hi hon, I finally managed to use my greens, and really wanted to order some from Lebepur, remember it from your awesome post – but am I blind or dumb, is there an English version of the shop?
    Hope you can help, I want something sans agave or sugar – pure so it doesn’t mess up my flavours and nutrients too much.


    1. I have looked up the webshop and, like you, didn’t find any EN version. However, they say they deliver internationally. So I’ve sent an email with your Q to them. Hope they get back to me ASAP. Will let you know! x

  2. I LOVE your Helix smoothie : D The geek in me is rejoicing. Definitely wanna see it!

    Also, where are you from? I’m asking cause ‘ananas’ : ))))

    These freeze dried plants look awesome! I’m perusing both sites now and loving it, that bitter shot seems soooo good for you. Are you still using them?

    1. Haha, Helix smoothie post coming next, then.

      Ananas? I live in Berlin, and you can get it here pretty much all the time. I do not overindulge in it though because you know the carbon footprint, and I prefer veggies anyway.
      So while ananas is by no means part of my daily diet, I realise some of my readers come from different places where the powerhouse of ananas is available at a much lower enviromental cost 🙂 So I decided to mention it.

      1. Ohhhhh, I meant the actual word! ‘Ananas’ ; ))))

        And I have the same ‘issue’ with pineapple, love it frozen in my smoothies (I tend to buy fresh and cut it up myself when I’m home), but the environmental impact outweighs the enzymes, vitamins and spinach-taste killing superpower most of the time…

        1. haha OMG yes. sometimes words from other languages mess it up. in fact, in other three languages I speak it’s ” “ananas” LOOOOOL

            1. Hehe 🙂 Yeah, you are perfectly right. Plus French.
              I have now updated it, adding mango that I totally forgot to include, but left the ‘ananas’ in place, just for Ze Fun of it 😀

  3. Need to try the bittrio, but anyhow I am really enjoy bitter tastes at the moment very much. My smoothies contain at the moment always dandelion and for a fresh taste parsley. It’s so good during hot days…

  4. Of course wanna see black blood. And keen on the bitters tip. Thanks darl!

    1. Yippie.
      There is a Black Blood smoothie, a True Blood smoothie, a Fallout smoothie, and a Skyrim smoothie! 😀

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