Tea oil, rice bran oil, raspberry oil…

I’ve always been a fan of so-called “active ingredients”.
And the simplest step to reap all the benefits is to use the active ingredient only.


My recent favourites – from left to right – are now:
A new brand of organic broccoli seed oil;
Food grade, virgin oil blend: linseed oil, hemp oil, pumpkin seed oil;
Golden Camellia oil;
Raspberry seed oil;
Rice bran oil.

These high quality oils all have amazing benefits and skincare properties.
Tea oil is rich in antioxidants; raspberry seed oil has sunscreen properties; and broccoli seed oil is the best natural hair conditioner.
And of course, they are free from additives, fillers etc.
I’m testing them now to find the best use. And so:

Expect details soon!
You can help me now by asking questions for future reviews 😉


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  1. ooh I literally love every single oil you listed. I’m also a huge fan of tamanu, sacha inci, baobab, camellia seed and marula oils. My gawd I can just picture how epic of conversation is going to be when we finally meet up 😀

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