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new-interview-with-beautycalypseNew Interview

For me, an interview is – above all – a great opportunity to focus on what matters the most for my work, to recalibrate, to step back and look at my Quest and its Journal with a fresh eye.
And so I was chuffed to bits as Doris Lautenbach, a loyal BEAUTYCALYPSE reader (you can also find her in the Hall of Fame) and a Berlin-based author and VO-speaker, invited me for an interview for her blog Die Schimmelreiterin*. Her blog is dedicated to Berlin – seen through a literary lens. Today I’m more than happy to send you over to her (German) blog to discover the interview where I talk about BEAUTYCALYPSE, the Quest, and berlinHours, my blog about blogs from Berlin. This interview opens Doris’ new interview series titled ‘Lives of Others’. Such an honour!

And yes, as you can guess, the interview is in German, so in case you don’t want to mess with Google translate, here are just two highlights:

If I had to read three blogs only for the rest of my life, […] BEAUTYCALYPSE would be one of them.”
– Doris Lautenbach

If you are new to blogging and thinking to start a blog, pick a topic that breaks your heart if you can’t talk about it. Otherwise you’ll be lost and googling ‘writer’s block’ in no time.”

Dear Doris, thanks so much for having me!

* Die Schimmelreiterin is the female form of Der Schimmelreiter, which translates as “the rider on the white horse” and is the title of the outstanding 19th century novella by Theodor Storm.die-schimmelreiterinFrom left to right: Doris and the white horse; vegan home-made lemonade for the interview (who knows how to welcome an interviewee, huh?); Doris Lautenbach, author and voice-over artist.

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