My Simple Healthy Recipes #12 – Portable Vegan Panna Cotta

Here’s something healthylicious, easy to make and portable (all to make your office lunches in summer a little bit more enjoyable). Why not go out for a little picnic break?

Panna Cotta is an Italian classic, and if it wasn’t for the heavy, fat dairy cream, it could be my favourite dessert: creamy and sweet pudding base, tart and fruity red berry topping.vegan-panna-cotta

So why not veganise that?

However, while I know from bitter experience that vegan makeovers never taste the same (they can’t, with only a few exceptions, and if they do, well, you better check your ingredients list!), and so gotta admit that this tastes nothing like the real Panna Cotta, it is still a pleasant, cooling, refreshing treat with a sweet and nearly creamy base and a delish, healthy fruit and nuts topping. All you need is a packet of agar agar with instructions and loosely following my recipe.

Knock yourself out with your takes on that, and be sure to report! 😉

BUON APETITO!  vegan-panna-cotta-ingredientsvegan-panna-cotta-recipevegan-panna-cotta-recipe-toppingP.S. And hey, don’t skip lunch!


4 responses to “My Simple Healthy Recipes #12 – Portable Vegan Panna Cotta

    • It really is a nice treat, especially if you like the taste of almonds which is quite present here.

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