In: Natural Perfume – Out: Powerful Beauty Serum

I don’t even quite know how it happened, but I think I’ve accidentally Green Love fragrances… (Accidentally what? Accidentally Green Love fragrances!)

Memes aside, I have tested it and can now say: what works as a clean perfume, excels itself as a beauty serum.

Adventurers, if you remember, I’ve offered a review of several Green Love organic perfumes earlier (check it out here and here).

UPDATE March 2015

The Green Love perfume collection now consists of only four scents. Find them all here.
I asked founder Jenny Jahn to comment and here’s what she said:

Today I have only 4 perfumes left. I re-designed the range because I found Miron glas, it protects essential oils and essences from degrading for many months. We realized that the scent faded during storage and changed when it reached our end customers. This was not a solution for us.
Beside that a Swedish scientist had discovered that essential oils that contain 26 particular allergens (almost all essential oils with a few exceptions such as: vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli) create allergies when used in a long term. And it did not matter if you had any allergy before or not, the skin would develop an allergy.
We can’t stand behind that and have now removed all allergens from our line, almost every perfume needed to go and we needed to reformulate the 4 last ones to be most sophisticated perfumes that wouldn’t fade.”
– Jenny Jahn, Green Love founder


However, the other day, eyeing my bathroom shelves for something to use on a light discolouration here, on a dry skin patch there, and then some to put under the mineral foundation, it struck me that actually, Green Love fragrances made from nothing more than organic jojoba oil and organic essential oils, ware calling my name.

While the scents may appear a tiny bit too pure and simple to please a truly discerning perfume-loving nose, they absolutely rock your socks as serums.

green-love-fragrance-used-as-serumAs we have learned in my post on balancing skincare for oily, acne-prone adult skin in summer, Jojoba oil is non comedogenic (doesn’t clog up your pores and cause blackheads & breakouts).

And as we know from the vast “library” of essential oil knowledge, they are quite powerful little buggers.

Obviously, you can’t do this to all beauty products out there: a lipstick used as a blush might provoke a breakout, and a face lotion is just way too heavy for your undereye area, but sometimes it works. So I’m quite happy with my newly “discovered” serums, but only because they’re otherwise pretty clean. Since they are not always sophisticated enough for their primary role and must be used up within 6 months, I thought this is the best idea. Sweet Citrus has helped soften old hyperpigmentations from the wicked combination of scars and sun; Jasmine Deluxe helped soothe itchy skin (mosquito, I’ll get ya!) as well as soften a few new arrival lines, and Black Knight is great make-up base.

Note: it’s possible to be allergic to essential oils, so never pick blindly.

I hope you have found this change of perspective somewhat entertaining!
And please share if you have fancy secret double-uses (or have heard of some but are uncertain).

Stay tuned, because after part I and part II there’s still part III coming up, bringing you my experience and tips on how to balance oily, breakout-prone adult skin with the right diet.


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  1. Heather in Arles

    Yep, I always appreciate a change in perspective! And of course this makes sense to me AND means potentially less products cluttering up the bathroom shelves. 🙂
    PS. I found a face oil that I am liking a lot: Botanics Face Oil by Boots. They say it is 100% organic and it leaves my skin feeling lovely – at only $8, it seems like a super score to me…

      1. Heather in Arles

        Oh good! Nice to hear. 🙂
        And no, I am still in the States. Let’s just say that it has been an unplanned extended stay due to visa issues and leave it at that…
        But that is all the reason more why I was so happy to find such a good product here at a Target in the Middlewest! And surprisingly, for cheaper than on the Boots website too…

          1. Heather in Arles

            You sent something that came back in rags?!? Truly, will the craziness with La Poste never end?

            Alas, ma belle, all of your great intentions are for naught as I have no idea when I will be back – slightly unsettling as you can imagine. But I will let you know when I do and most certainly shout out your kindness and fabulousness to the hilltops!


              1. Heather in Arles

                They are. I have no idea when I am going back. So did it utterly disappear the first time? Pleeeeease don’t send it again!! It makes me cringe to think of your kindness ending up in the hands of some greedy meanie. 😡

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