Spearmint, or Mentha spicata, is one of my favourite herbs. Did you know it goes far beyond mojitos & mint juleps, offering amazing health benefits!? Health & beauty à la menthe!

Contents of this post:
1. Please meet: Mentha Spicata aka Spearmint
2. Food and health à la menthe
3. Beauty à la menthementhaspicata-SPEARMINT-pukkaillustration

The Fragrant Spearmint

Unlike its widely known sibling, Peppermint, Spearmint has richer, softer and sweeter flavours. She contains less menthol & menthone and so has less of that slightly pungent “mintness” and doesn’t leave a cooling sensation.
You probably know it from chewing gum, toothpaste, lip balms, the Moroccan (Touareg) tea or Nanah mint tisanes: this is the plant, this is the taste.

Spearmint & Food: Benefits for Health

Let me just make you a list. I think it’s pretty impressive:
1. Spearmint oil is a potent (and tasty) carminative.
2. Spearmint tea is antiandrogenic – it can help women who suffer hirsuitism by reducing testosterone levels in the blood (source) and androgen levels in women with PCOS (source).
3. Spearmint has strong anti-oxidant and modest antifungal properties, which isn’t just fine for everyone but also makes it an excellent herb for our meat-indulgent friends (source).nanahmin-spearmint-touaregtea Touareg tea in a Moroccan style glass

spearmint-pukka-threemintDelicious organic Pukka 3 Mint tea (you see an illustration based on their packaging in this post opener above). 

Food uses to try: touareg tea/ Nana mint tisane, green sauce, falafel seasoning, green smoothies, green bean recipes (stews and salads: excellent!), spicy shortbreads, yoghurt/ soy yoghurt sauce, dressings for green salad, virgin cocktails
Knock yourself out! 🙂

Beauty à la Menthe

Mostly found in lip balms (and obvisouly in toothpaste etc.) for its sweet and summery fragrance, my absolutely favourite Spearmint-based beauty product is a Balm Balm fragrance. spearmint-lipbalm-amazingyAmazingy balm, available in both a vegan and a beeswax quality

balm-balm-spearmint balm-balm-spearmint-closeupSpearmint organic Eau de Parfum, Balm Balm. (You can find the full review of this simple and pure EdP here)

So yes, I’m a big fan of this delicious plant.
I love a cup of warm Spearmint tea after a dinner out (where my special diet needs aren’t catered to very well);
I enjoy a tiny glass of hot Spearmint tea on hot summer days, Morocco style;
I am absolutely delighted at having perfected my very own “After Eight” tea recipe of Spearmint tea with cacao;
Whenever I can get hold of fresh leaves, nothing can hold me back from chopping it into smoothies, salads and vegan stews.

And if you, Adventurer, have an idea of a surprising Spearmint beauty product (no toothpaste!) or a favourite recipe, then spill the beans in the comments! I’d also like to hear what your fave herbs & plants are!

9 replies on “À La Menthe: The Soft Power

  1. I had that very Pukka tea about an hour ago! Right now I’m having a passionate affair with lemon thyme – delightful – none of the overpowering of thyme, delicious in homemade lemonade, with seafood, other herbs in a raw green sauce, as tea, added to smoothies…

    1. YES! lemon thyme is so versatile. I love it too! as you said, it just ads such zest to recipes ❤
      I also love me a lemon thyme tisane in autumn: great to prevent a sore throat and as a treatment when under the weather.

  2. Mmmm… a cup of spearmint tea would be just the ticket right now. But the cupboard is bare of spearmint and it’s nearly midnight, so it will have to wait for another day. Actually, I usually like rooibos tea at this time of night.

    1. oh yes, rooisbos is excellent in the evening. however you need to pick a really good quality, and then stick with the brand – I’ve tasted rooibos teas that were as exciting as a pair of old socks!
      oh and for the late hours I also like a purely herbal/spice-based chai (so no black or green tea) with a little rice or almond milk. so soothing!

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