Philosophy To The Rescue: Soul Detox #2

Adventurers, it’s time for another round of Soul Detox. Today a philosopher will help us with anything from starving out the Internet trolls to overcoming life’s hardship.

If you’re new here, you might want to check out the Soul Detox post series.
It’s a tag dedicated to annihilating any toxic thinking in and around you.
We have looked into relationship psychology, yoga and meditation.
And today, we’ll be looking for intellectial inspiration.
Proper thinking is the cure to most of our problems.
Life could be so much better & kinder with a bit of human logic.philosophy-and-meditation

So. If Marcus Aurelius would tweet…

All quotes from: Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

With just a few quotes instead of a whole book, tiny gems of wisdom are right here in our hands. Let me share with you a few inspirational phrases and a meaning they convey to me personally:marcus-aurelius-quote-you-will-find-strengthThis is so true and empowering. Own every moment of your life.

It’s very different from trying to control it, which is not possible.
Whenever toxic thinking – envy, doubt, self-destruction – arises , step back from this thinking.
Ask yourself “what does this feeling, what do those thoughts want to tell me?
Ask yourself “What can I change to make it better?” – never dwell on the thinking that others owe it to you.
Life will instantly become a happier place.

quote-marcus-aurelius-waste-no-more-timeQuite excellent in a toxic discussion with the common The Only [insert do-gooder faction here] In The Village type on the Internet. Need I say more? 😉
What do you think?

quote-marcus-aurelius-truthThis is particularly helpful for people on a Quest.
Sometimes other people who seek advice get angry with the messenger (who they ask for the aforementioned advice in the first place).
I’m actually quite amused at the occasional “party pooper” accusation, but I realise not everybody is.
So let Marcus Aurelius lend you a brilliant argument.
The truth never harmed anyone.
Self-deceit harms the person in question and everybody around them.
One more? Yes please!

quote-marcus-aurelius-blazng-fireBe who you are no matter what – well, until the day the fire dies, because that’s what truly inevitable.
Instead of giving in, try to use everything “thrown” at you as a valuable lesson and a new path towards your goal.
Every obstacle means that you should gain strength, every challenge means that you must grow stronger.
(And every gamer our there knows that level ups are only a matter of time! ;))

soul-detox-with-marcus-aureliusSo, how did Marcus and I do?
Do you feel enlightened and inspired?
What toxic thinking have you been struggling with lately?
Let’s get it out of your way!


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