Sport, Gardening, Cooking: Take Care of Your Hands

Not only winter can mean chapped hands – it’s also easy to forget your hands when all you think about it suntan and binge eating fresh fruit!

However, how chapped or not your hands will be in autumn depends directly on how you are treating them in starters, I’d like to remind you of an older post dealing with protecting our hands: click!
It really is no rocket science, but if your hands are not as smooth as they could be, chances are you’re doing it wrong.
So go read it; we will wait 🙂


Summer treats – summer threats

Summer has its own threats: UV rays (don’t forget to wear a safe sunblocker to prevent hyperpigmentation), gardening, cooking AKA washing your hands ten times within five minutes. Let’s not forget active lifestyle: sport is a demanding friend in terms of skincare, too.

As a motorcycle rider and a passionate cook myself I spend admittedly too much time looking for a hand lotion nutrient-rich enough to moisturise in case of total “dry hands code red” emergency or double as overnight treatment.
It should not be greasy or heavy though so I can use it on a daily basis, if I have to.”

My recent obsession is Pai Skincare Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream.
It’s Soil Association certified and suitable for vegans. Pai only use Sustainable Palm Oil. pai-hand-cream-fragonia-seabuckthorn-reviewed

…and I can’t stress enough that brands offering vegan-friendly products based on / containing unsustainable PO or derivates of such are doing a bloody lousy job at being animal friendly.

INCI check: purified water, grape seed oil*, vegetable glycerine*, avocado oil*, coconut derived emulsifier, rosehip oil*, macadamia oil*, shea butter*, plum kernel oil, sea buckthorn oil*, fragonia oil, palmarosa oil*, castor oil*, natural vitamin E, grapefruit oil*, basil extract, corn extract, coconut oil extract, sustainable palm oil extract, lactic acid (from sugar beet)
Naturally occurring in essential oils: d-limonene*, geraniol*
* Certified Organic.
The cream comes in an air-tight 50 ml container and costs approx. €20.

I’ve been using Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn about twice a week, and on occasion.
I’m really pleased with the result: the cream absorbs really fast, and has only a weak pleasant smell. 
(Boyfriend-friendly: a man who pays attention to his hands – and I applaude you, Sir, for doing that for Mankind – will aboslutely enjoy it.)
I am also a rubbish arts & crafts person so I’m rather used to get paper cuts; Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn has proved to really soothe the skin; and I had the feeling that the small scratches healed faster.
Also the cuticles get softened like there’s no tomorrow, so I almost forgot that they existed.pai-hand-cream-fragonia-seabuckthorn

Bottom Line

Can you get a cheaper hand cream?
Hell, yes.
So is this one worth 20 Euros?
If you need a heavy duty cream that can restore the supple, smooth look of your hands, then YES. If you are content with whatever you are using, probably no.

A final word of advice

If you are somebody who overuses a handcream (=you apply it after each time you wash your hands, or maybe you apply it six times a day in your office) then you need a change of product and should definitely check the one you’re using for drying ingredients.
You know the drill, it’s Codecheck and EWG Skindeep.



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