New Name for a Post Series: Bookshelf Monthly! (Bookshelf Monthly #7)

As a self-proclaimed bookworm I receive lots of questions regarding my book tips on health, ethics, philosophy, as well as scifi and fantasy. Time to spill it!

What to expect

Why do I start at #7? Because I’ve reviewed books earlier on the blog; it just dawned on me only now that the topic has well earned itself a place of its own! 😉

To be honest: I’m a somewhat chaotic neutral reader.
I tend to be binge-reading five or six books at a time.
My reading habits include both real books and ebooks, and I am pretty omnivorous when it comes to reading.
I read everything except maybe self-help books, esoterics for dummies and modern literature without any thriller/fantasy/grotesque twist.
I proud myself to have never read Murakami, Beigbeder, or Coelho. I had to be forced to read the first Harry Potter, and have changed my mind about “bestselling books” since. Well, somewhat. Dan Brown, looking at you.
Be warned that sometimes the books I’ve read and refer to will be in a language other than English, but I’ll look up (and mention) if there are translations.

If you like fantasy, thriller, horror, scifi, forgotten classics or “everybody talks about them but nobody have read them”-classics, grotesque humour, or books on philosophy, ethics, psychology as well as on health and food, then this new monthly reading round-up is going to be an addition to BEAUTYCALYPSE that you’ll love.

Occassionally, photography and comic books can occur.

Don’t expect me to show you only the newest pubications either: it’s about quality, not novelty.”

Let’s begin!

Seven books you could read in June

#1. Old-school Belgian comic series feat. a handsome hero – sword-wielding, Errol Flynn style.books-comic-der-skorpionUnlike my web comic favourite, Run Freak Run, this one comes in old-school, large albums and features really beautiful colouring and a lot of historic detail. Le Scorpion is your fabulous, hand-painted Belgian comic art goodness. The story has debuted back in 2000 but I have only got all the sequels together now. Here’s the Wikipedia page to check out the French original and the English translation.
My version happens to be German, purchased, quite simply, on

#2. How to survive the narcisstic world of today?books-why-is-it-always-about-youThis is an incredibly important book I highly recommend. I was given the Russian version you see in the photo by a dear (psychologist) friend, and have devoured each page. The book helps you understand the mechanisms of how the narcisstic behavious develops, and what to do to break the toxic spell. Sadly, this book is a must nowadays. The English-language original goes under the name: Why is it Always About You? The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism by Sandy Hotchkiss.

#3. I’ve raved about this book before, but let me remind you: The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen by Barb Stegemann is a beautiful way to discover classic philosophy and all the tools of the trade to enter the golf-club, frat-badge-style world of serious business… as a woman and a changemaker.books-the7-virtuesThis volume is in its fourth edition, and is self-published by the author. Interesting fact: Barb founded her own ethical perfume company after publishing the book, basically following her own advice.

#4 & 5. Let’s dwell on the topic: business. Two books that I have re-read in May for professional reasons are Trust Me, I’m Lying and The Luxury Strategy. As a brand/digital/content strategist and copywriter myself ethics are a vital moment for me, both in how I operate and in what kind of advice I offer. With my background in advertising, publishing, and luxury, the 2012 Trust Me, I’m Lying and the updated 2012 second edition of The Luxury Strategy are like recalibrating my pro compass.books-trust-me-im-lyingThe first book wants to come across as cynical, in a near Bret Easton Ellis way, but it actually simply delivers one true and scary message: everything in the media is manipulated, and it’s not rocket science to do the same thing. Read it to understand what you, we all, in fact, are served on a daily basis.books-the-luxury-strategyThe Luxury Strategy on the other hand is a completely different kind of book. It reads like a scientific paper, is solid and comprehensible, and helps you understand how to stand out from a flooded “premium” market – in my opinion, offering highly helpful insights for niche bloggers, social and sustainable entrepreneurs, and artists alike. And when providing a non-toxic, green, sustainable business or product, you need to understand what the rest of the industry are doing.

#6. Now back to my Quest for Ethical Excellence! If you want to make your everyday life less toxic (we’re talking enviromental toxins now), I recommend Debra Lynn Dadd’s 2011 book Toxic Free: How To Protect Your Health and Home From the Chemicals. While I slightly disagree with the title (chemicals, really?), I understand that it might have been the decision of the publishers in order to make the topic understandable to as many people out there as possible.books-toxic-freeThe knowledge in this book helps you understand the amount of toxicity you might be facing on a daily basis, and is a real wake-up call for some. (NB: thank you, autocorrect, for trying to make this a “make-up call”!)

#7. One more book and we’re done!
Let’s finish with something easy-breezy and really beach-read-worthy.
Slightly inspired by Felicia Day’s excentric book club, I have decided to pick a romance-infused thriller.

However, the book I’m going to suggest now is written in German and has not been translated (yet?), so I’m going to talk about one more book in the end.

My romantasy reading experience is limited to wolfing down all Sookie Stackhouse novels while waiting for the next True Blood season to arrive. (Before you ask: they are somewhat dreadful and unintenionally funny, but not even close to the stylistic horrors of 50 Shades of Very Poor Writing.) So I’m a really excited to talk about Im Visier des Todes (roughly: “Targeted by Death”) by the Russian, Hamburg-based author Olga Krouk.books-im-visier-des-todesI had the pleasure to interview Olga for a magazine feature a couple of years ago, and have followed her writing career since. She writes thrillers and fantasy with a good dose of somewhat uncensored love story. Still I must say, I actually liked the novel. It is well-written and offers a refreshing cast of who-dun-it suspects that plays with the genre clichés.

Now, what is my reading suggestion for my dear non-German speakers? Let me share with you what I will read next: It’s In His Kiss by Vickie Lester.books-its-in-his-kissI have only a faint idea of what the novel is about (I’ve read excerpts) so I can’t wait to sit down and enjoy Miss Lester’s smooth writing! Hop over to see the author’s gorgeous blog dedicated to Old Hollywood Glamour: BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD. I will get back to this novel in the end of June when I’ll discuss health books, spiritual novellas, photo books, scifi books, English classics, and more goodness that I am reading this month!reading

I hope you’ve enjoyed these eclectic reading suggestions.
Make sure to let me hear about your reading preferences in the comments!


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  2. I had no idea Barb Stegemann had written a book! Her’s is my “go to” gift perfume after reading (I think on your blog) about her methods and practices, and now it’s next on my reading list. Thanks for the boost on the novel, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it 🙂 .

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