Wine: Less Guilty, More Pleasure

If you liked my earlier post about the fabulous histamine-free and vegan wines from Rhinehessia, you’ll love to dig deeper – in this interview.

I’m very pleased to invite you to discover today, hot from the digital presses at LOCALSPOTTER – your go-to luxury & artisanal local mastery webzine, this interview that I did a little while back with the wine entrepreneur and fellow allergy sufferer, the charming Monika Maria Eller:

When authentic winemaker heritage meets a special diet driven entrepreneur, great things start to happen.
Allergy sufferers and vegans, raise your glasses!”

Read the complete interview here.
Check out the post on vegan & sustainable wine here.
Or visit the Eller Finest Selections website/shop.
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6 Comments on “Wine: Less Guilty, More Pleasure

  1. Those wines look so good. I love the way the winemakers in her family saw making the histamine free, vegan wine as a challenge and just got on with it.

    • I loved that too. they could’ve said “hey, WHAT?” but instead, they saw it as a chance to grow and to try something new. I love that spirit!

      • Oh, I posted the interview to my Facebook and a friend of mine who is a vegetarian shared it with the Vegetarian Centre where she volunteers. Yay!

        • Oh wow – you’re the best ❤ Thank you very much!