Product Battle #3: Tox-Free Deodorants

Having spent *years* looking for a fab tox-free deo that delivers, I find myself in the luxurious state of having two favourites now.

Is it the Highlander fan in me that shouts “there can be only one!” out loud?
Or is it just the wicked fun of competitiveness?

It truly is a luxury to be able to choose, if I remember countless eco deodorants that delivered for one week straight and never again.
But let me try and figure out which of my faves is better.

Meet the Champion

wolkenseifen-deocreme-limited-editionBrand: Wolkenseifen (I wrote about the brand a few times)
Bought at: the Wolkenseifen online boutique
Product name: Deocreme Limited Edition
Packaging and size: plastic jar, 25 g
Price: €5.50
INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Solanum Tuberosum Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, C.I.77947, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Panthenol, essential oil blend (Benzyl Alcohol*, Citral*, Citronellol*, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*).

Meet the Challenger

green-love-deo-cream-organic-wild-strawberry-vanillaBrand: Green Love
Bought at: Ecco Verde
Product name: Deo Cream Wild Strawberry & Vanilla
Packaging and size: black glass jar, 25 g (50 g available)
Price: €9.49 (20.49)
INCI: organic tapioca (Manihot Esculenta), organic extra virgin olive oil (olea europaea), Baking soda (without aluminum), Organic Candelilla wax (Euphorbia cerifera), organic vanilla (vanilla planifolia), organic strawberry (Fragaria vesca).

Let the battle begin!

Round 1 – INCI check: 
Both free-free-free (= vegan, aluminium-free, tox-free >>> check out this post to find out what I see as toxic in regards of skin health & environment).
However, Green Love contains organic ingredients, and manages to be a 6-ingredients product – Wolkenseifen contains 9 natural but not organic ingredients, and one of those is a blend of organic essential oils.
Allergy note: as usual, you can be allergic to anything, yet Wolkenseifen clearly contains more potential allergens.
Round 1 ends 0:1 (Wolkenseifen : Green Love)!

right-hook-round1Round 2 – Packaging:
Both are packaged in practical jars with screw-on lids.
Green Love sits in black glass, Wolkenseifen in plastic.
Black glass is a right hook. Bam!
Round 2 ends 0:2!

Round 3 – Price:
Aaaaand now Wolkenseifen lands a neat left hook!
(€5.50 vs. €9.49)
Round 3 ends 1:2!punch-from-the-champ

Round 4 – Scent:
Both opponents sparkle with a fine selection of scents.
However, only Green Love has a complete organic range to offer,
while Wolkenseifen has nice perfumes yet only one is organic.
The Limited Edition organic blend of essential oils has a green, fresh, pleasant unisex scent.
Green Love scents are all natural, and as such unisex per se.
Round 4 ends 1:3. 

Round 5 – Application/texture:
Wolkenseifen can look as though you’ve wrestled with a clown.
And a glowing white armpit is somewhat distracting when you sport sleeveless tops.
However, the texture is smooth and can be distributed evenly.
Green Love has a skin-like, transparent texture that could melt on your skin.
But the texture can get stubborn on cooler days, leaving you with weird chunks of product.
You have more chances to force Green Love into invisibility, but you have to try harder.
Maybe weak, but still a punch from Wolkenseifen and…
Round 5 ends 3:3. (Because it’s basically two things they compete about, right?)

Round 6 – Effect on sensitive skin:
Let’s be open and honest.
I’m speaking about freshly shaved armpits.
For those, Wolkenseifen can act like a scrub…
…and feel like nettles.
Tip Wolkenseifen:
you need to let the product melt completely on the tips of your fingers before applying it to razor-treated skin.

Green Love is a darling.
No burning, no twitching.
Round 6 ends 3:4.death-match-toxfree-deos

Round 7 – Deodorising effect after 4 hours:
Wolkenseifen: perfection.
Green Love: perfection.
Round 7 ends 3:4.

Round 8 – Deodorising effect after 8 hours:
Wolkenseifen: perfection!
Green Love: perfection!
I can’t bear the suspense!
Round 8 ends 3:4!

deo-death-match-final-punchRound 9 – Deodorising effect after 24 hours:
Wolkenseifen: perfection!
Green Love: slowly giving in…
The battle is over, it ends 4:4!

Bottom line: natural deodorants THAT WORK

I didn’t see that, I think that the different pros and cons of both products are pretty clear now; and whichever I choose in the morning, I know I’m choosing a powerful, clean, and beautiful alternative to the aluminium-packed crap even the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment – BfR – the leading authority in the field of consumer health protection, suggests we should not be using.

So, Adventurers, are you on an aluminium detox or not yet?

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UPDATE June 2015: Check out my Soapwalla Deo Cream review – its formula is invisible against skin, doesn’t irritate freshly shaved armpits and is as powerful as an 24-hours antiperspirant.


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  1. Heather in Arles

    I am still using my rose Weleda and happy with that but am nervous to see if it would pass your tests!

  2. Only YOU can make a deodorant review captivating! 😉 My experience with the Green Love deodorant was also a really postive one, except that it didn’t last the whole day (or maybe I simply happen to sweat more ;D) Don’t know if you’ve tried Green Love’s body butters but they are something as well. x

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