And Now, Some Olfactory Sunshine! * Clean Perfume Quest #5

To kick-start your week with something bright’n’cheerful – a review of a very breezy, vernal, tox-free unisex fragrance. Enjoy!

I get asked a lot about tox-free unisex perfumes I could recommend, as often as about a “daywear”-ish fragrance, fit for a day in the office, for both men and women, something refreshing but nothing “too fresh” or “too light”.
Your wish is my command, and so I’ve put together a few very manly tips for gentlemen here >>> Gorgeous Scents for Gents: No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Animals – Toxin-Free Men’s Fragrances, and am addressing ladies and gentlemen who asked for fresh, yet elegant juices today.

Citrus Verbena aka Verveine Agrume, Acorelle

I have been eyeing this fragrance since my last Acorelle purchase, and now, with spring in full bloom I have finally treated myself to a bottle of Citrus Verbena.

acorelle-edp-citrus-verbena-totalacorelle-edp-citrus-verbenaIt’s advertised as a soothing fragrance; Acorelle choose specific essential oils for their aromatherapy-related benefits, and verbena essential oil, as well as a herbal tisane made from verbena leaves, are in fact used to calm and destress.

I fell in love with the colour first. Bright yellow with a hint of neon green, but in a natural way of course, it called the name of BEAUTYCALYPSE.
The heavy clear glass bottle looks pleasantly unisex, no frills.verveine-agrume-acorelle-reviewThe fragrance is really beautiful, too.
Citrus Verbena opens with a zesty and sweet citrus fruit explosion – lemon, mandarin, bergamot, orange and a tangy bite of something bitter. Fragrantica suggests it’s artemisia, but no note about the composition comes with the fragrance (Acorelle, please change that, prettypleaseandthankyouverymuch).

Quite soon, the citrus cocktail resolves into the eponymoos verbena that is all fluffy and soft with a rather lovely aura of petitgrain, neroli, jasmine and sage, with a really soft cedarwood base.

Like most Acorelle fragrances, it does not last very long, but it caters for a couple hours of very positive, elegant aura that is tox-free and vegan. 
I also rather value the unobstrusiveness of this juice.”

Allergy info: as always, impossible to tell how somebody reacts, and with citrusy fragrances, some people have to pay extra attention.
Price info: 50ml EdP at approx. €34.

Hope this has helped those who have asked and inspired those who haven’t to have a closer look at their perfume shelf! 😀
Have a great start of the week, Adventurers, and don’t forget: you burning tox-free & ethical beauty & life questions can be asked right here.

10 Comments on “And Now, Some Olfactory Sunshine! * Clean Perfume Quest #5

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  3. I am just going to say “hesperidic” because it is a delicious word and very soothing in itself. 😀

    • heehee 🙂
      “hesperidic” is a beautiful word, agreed

  4. I adore verbena in fragrances so will have to sniff this out. A shame that Acorelle don’t give an ingredient listing – a major bugbear of mine.

    • yes, YES, it’s annoying, isn’t it? and also highly counterproductive:
      vebena+citrus sounds quite bland and boring; fragrance is about emotion, images, dreams, desires…

      • Verbena + citrus bring wonderful memories of the South of France and makes me want to eat dinner al fresco late…

        • well, yes, I *do* think of southern france, too 🙂 I meant: as a perfume description.
          it’s like you’d say “this is vanilla and coconut”. yes, sweet and delicious, and maybe reminiscent of some great beach party, but a quality fragrance? – you wouldn’t expect, right?
          so, maybe it’s too late at night already to get the words out clear over here but I *hope* you know what I mean 😀

          • oh i see! yes it is not the most evocative perfume description….it’s more hand wash than something you would want to put on yourself.

            • exactly!

              I have no words for pai products. only emotions. good emotions 🙂