It’s said to even out scarred skin, to visibly reduce wrinkles, and to give you a healthy, glowing complexion. Is rose hip oil too good to be true?

Rose Hip Seed Oil has been on my radar for quite a while now.pai-rosehip-oilIt is widely used to soothe eczema and dermatitis, acne and sunburns, to cure wrinkles and photo-aging, to heal scars and brittle nails.

Now, after this year’s VIVANESS fair my list of fabulous beauty and lifestyle brands “to try” has slightly outgrown my needs, let alone my wallet 🙂
Prioritising lead to choosing brands by country, to have some exciting variety.

Top priority was a face oil to return to my no-moisuriser skincare routine.
And so I was able to narrow down the choice of brands to those with gorgeous, fine face oils.
I liked May Lindstrom’s The Youth Dew a lot, but this time I was looking for something more simple, with less ingredients.
And while my delicious i+m Carrot Cream was a great partner in crime for winter, spring is here.

However, it should be able to:
A. help my skin recover from the wintery dryness and
B. to soothe light scarring that occured due to allergy-induced breakouts.

Enter Pai Skincare.

INCI Check: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend

To be precise, enter My First Ever Pai Skincare product!pai-skincare-rosehip-bioregenerate-reviewIn a 30ml glass bottle, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend is a 3-ingredients product:
CO2 extracted rosehip fruit oil, CO2 extracted rosehip seed oil, Natural vitamin E (from sunflower). The product is of course vegan and free from palm oil.

What makes this oil special, and what actually moved me to try this one, was the combination of oils extracted from both the fatty acids rich seeds and the carotene-supercharged fruit.pai-vegan pai-rosehip pai-INCIThe bright orange oil is concentrated rose hip goodness: healing, soothing, regenerating and beautifying with essential fatty acids (linolic acid and linolenic acid) and Provitamin A (as well as some vitamin A acid but not Vitamin A). 
BTW, a nutritional fact: fresh and dried rose hips are also a superb source of Vitamin C (but the oil is not).

Rose Hips – from which rose exactly?

When we say “rose hips”, we are talking a wild rose bush: mostly Rosa canina from Europe or Andean Rosa moschata/ Rosa rubiginosa.
Pai speak on their website of “Andean Rosehip” but I didn’t ask which variety they’ve used, because as far as I can say from my research, all varieties are highly beneficial.pai-rosehip-erfahrungen

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend Review

I loved that the oil was packaged in satin-finished glass rather than plastic.
Since the CO2 extraction method was used, the oil is stable (and probably thus presented in a clear bottle to showcase all its orange goodness).The oil has a soft, earthily fruity scent.
The texture is smooth and gets absorbed very easily.
My skin has gotten surprisingly super dry over the winter months, so 2-3 drops are sufficient for the face only; another 2-3 are needed for neck and neckline.

Having used the oil for over two weeks now, I can say it has helped improve my complexion from a greenish pale to a more glowing, natural olive.
To see more effects, I’m yet to use it for several months, and that’s the exact plan 🙂
I will also continue using my magical organic Broccoli Seed Oil as a daytime, make-up base sort of face oil for when I’m going out and wearing elaborate make-up.


I had given up moisturisers and started using toxin- and filler-free oils only, yet unaware that my skin’s reactions were in fact an allergy to the Hydrolysed Wheat Protein in most of my products. I’ve used a moisturiser this winter again, a HWP-free one by i+m Naturkosmetik, a local, vegan, Berlin-based brand. It’s been fantastic as winter skin care, but I want to get back to lightweight, natural oils during spring-summer season.”

pai-rosehip-bioregenerate-blend-reviewI would highly recommend this oil if your skin has following problems:
Dryness | Sun damage | Harsh, “dry skin” wrinkles | Acne scars.
it goes without saying that it’s great for men and women, young or mature skin alike.

 Are there any superhero oils you favour? 

18 replies on “Rose Hips Don’t Lie: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate, Reviewed

    1. It is lovely 🙂
      It is also by now a favourite over here, my boyfriend first sneezed at the aroma saying it was “too earthy” (his normal reaction to natural flower extracts, I will spare you his flowery descriptions of ylang-ylang), but now he loves it and giggles that he’s one huge rose hip now *roll eyes* 😉

    1. merci, mademoiselle 🙂
      well, yes and no. it will stain if it drops onto fabric, but your skin is not becoming orange.
      also, pai recommends to let it be absorbed by the skin properly prior to dressing.

      so far, I’ve been only normally cautious, as with any other product, and I have no stained clothes or bed linen 🙂

        1. actually, a bath is really drying 🙂 so it’s body wraps would be the weapon of choice.

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