Eco + Fabulous: Enjoying Your Business Trips

Job or fun, I prefer telepresence – fancy for Skype and FaceTime – over actual travel. However, I happen to tour. Now: my tips + Salzburg photos!

If you remember, I mentioned my recent trip to Salzburg here.salzburg-sunsetThe pictures I took in Salzburg – the city is a beauty, it’s HDR by nature! – really feel like a little hoiday, and I hope you enjoy them.

And now let’s Go!

So, Skype is so much more budget- and time-friendly than actual travel.
And the CO2 balance is better.

Webinars are the same in relation to real seminars;
bonus point: you can drink your own fabulous coffee,
sleep in your own cosy bed,
and eat whatever you please!

But yes, I sometimes do travel.

Practical advice: green up your business trips

on-the-road-to-salzburg{On the road}

Unless you are booking with an eco travel agency (though I found none specialising in business or city trips; it seemed they all focused on admiring the whales or swimming with the dolphins – suggestions, anyone?), you can green up your travel by:
a. trying to transform your trip into a video conference
b. sometimes that won’t work (trade fairs), so look if you can go by train/rail, the most eco-efficient travel option
c. lastly, going by car is still better than flying – well, depends on the distance, doesn’t it?

travel-beauty-bag{A 5-ingredient beauty case}

My second rule for greener, more enjoyable travel is: TRAVEL LIGHT.
Whether you go by car or by plane, the less weight you carry, the less fuel is used.
It’s minimal for flights, but it’s crazy fuel-efficient for cars.
And I looooooooove me some driving, Autobahn, here I come.
(Disclaimer: It’s not about the speed, I just like to drive. As in: Top Gear like to drive.)

salzburg-leichtsinn{Salzburg: Bistro Leichtsinn – quick lunch, great vegan & gluten-free options}

salzburg-cafe-joy{Salzburg: Café Joy with vegan and gluten-free breakfast and brunch offer}


There are splendid resources online, starting with Wikipedia and up to great local and/or travel blogs.
I also check my address book to see if I’ve got friends or acquaintances over there who’d be delighted to share their insiders’ tips or maybe even have time to meet over a cuppa when I’m there.mirabellen-garten-salzburg2 mirabellen-garten-salzburg3 mirabellen-garten-salzburgunicorns-mirabellen-garten-salzburg{I was excited to walk across the stunning Mirabellen Garden to get to my appointment and back to the hotel}
ALSO: if you can make sure that your meetings are just a WALK away, extra green love! 

motel-one-salzburg-mirabell-inside motel-one-salzburg-mirabellNext on my list: #4, GET QUALITY SLEEP.
When choosing a hotel, look for eco tourism accreditations.
(For a list of international certification schemes, view below.) If a certified accommodation is not available, I tend to pick a modern (= more energy-efficient) hotel. Newer, design-oriented hotels often happen to work at greener standards. For example, electricity in your room goes down when you leave it; interiors are state-of-the-art, often toxin-checked etc.
I also prefer newer buildings where I can be sure not to be affected by previously smokers room’s nasty thirdhand smoke.

turmeric-coconut-balls-vegan-zotterNow, the last rule could be seen as the General Rule of my life: #5 – ENJOY IT. Another city, even experienced during a business trip, can hold beautiful discoveries and moments of leisure – if you let it.ledergasse-salzburg{Here I strolled up an alley}

kapuzinerberg-salzburg{I ACCIDENTALLY KAPUZINERBERG! Accidentally what? Accidentally 640 meters above sea level!}

kapuzinerberg-salzburg3 kapuzinerberg-salzburg2 kapuzinerberg-salzburg-views kapuzinerberg-salzburg-view2{I did plan to walk up the Kapuzinerberg and to admire Salzburg from there, but I didn’t expect the city’s dimensions to be so comfy and cosy and small, so this might explain the exclamations above ;)}

kapuzinerberg-salzburg-descent kapuzinerberg-salzburg-city salzburg-love-lockets{Back in the old city}


Eco & sustainable hotel certificates by destination

Worldwide: Green Key – an NGO and NPO supported by the World Travel Organisation.
Worldwide II: A rich resource is Green Globe – a global certification scheme for sustainable destinations; in the following I refer to seven Green Globe database search pages by region or country.

Australia: discovering Down Under, eco style via Ecotourism Australia;
Asia: Green Globe;
Central & South America and Caribbean: Green Globe;
EUEU Flower (rather poor in terms of design and navigation) – features an old-school database search that spans everything from textiles and shampoos to travel accommodations and furniture;
Europe: Green Globe;
France: Green Globe;
Germany: Green Globe;
Middle East: Green Globe;
South Africa/ Sub Sahara: Green Globe;
UK, Ireland, Canada
: Green Tourism – features a convenient search form for consumers, a large pool of member hotels and suppliers and was honoured to be the most reliable source for green travel by a 2013 greenwashing report;
USA: Green Seal – a directory of sustainable travel destinations and services + other products (similar to EU Flower database).

You could also pay attention to hotels and companies compliant with the ISO 14000 norm for environmental management.

If you think “gosh, that’s a lot websites to browse” – let me tell ya: I have only included the largest and/or the most reputable ones. There’s a lot more where that came from. However, I think it already helps wisely choose your destinations and for sure helps you keep your eyes open. That’s the most important thing after all.

I sure hope you think of this post when you plan your next journey! Also: share it with your miles-collecting friends and colleagues or with travel expert acquaintainces 😉


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  1. This is great information. Love it. And Salzburg looks wonderful. The one person in my extended family who does a lot of travel already follows many of your tips. Not merely for green reasons but just because they make travel easier in general.

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