Join The #DontSkipLunch Movement!

Find out why breakfast might not be the most important meal of the day and get lunch inspiration and motivation on Twitter.

Twitter is my favourite social media channel when it comes to dialogue. It’s never been easier to meet likeminded people and whip up something fun AND useful, like our hashtag #DontSkipLunch. Us are (with links to our Twitter profiles): author and writer Joana of Actual Organics, green beauty & lifestyle blogger Sonja of Life in Blush and myself.

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper?

It all began as Sonja, Joana and I have discussed the breakfast vs. lunch thing. You see, when you grow up, everybody tells you breakfast is the most important meal of the day, parents fill you up with breakfast even if you feel slightly nauseous (I know I did), waking up too early and not being hungry at all. Plus, in every culture, it seems that the “breakfast like a king” phrase is repeated over and over. Can history be wrong? Is breakfast THE meal?

In addition to this confusion, in working people’s and even in schoolkids’ reality, the lunch has mostly vanished.
People tend to eat at their desk, staying seated all the time, or to skip lunch altogether, thinking that they need to lose a stone or two anyway. ALL WRONG GUYS. Completely and utterly rubbish. But why?

Modern nutritionists, such as my friend metabolism expert Caroline Bienert, will tell you that the king-prince-pauper thing made sense back in the day. When most people were farming or performing any other kind of hard physical work, a hearty breakfast, a proper lunch and a light dinner made a lot of sense. Today, the hardest physical performance of an office person is lifting their sorry ass to the smokers’ corner. (This is not from modern nutritionists, this is from the bottom of my hearth. Smooches, sad smokin’ bitchez.)

Why breakfast matters – just not in the way mum told you

According to many authorities, such as the Weight-control Information Network (USA), skipping breakfast is associated with obesity in the long run and sugar cravings during the day.

However, metabolism experts consider a “breakfast for the brain” the healthiest option: healthy fats, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Notice how nobody ever said “cappuccino and croissants” or “pancakes and maple syrup”. What could you have for quick, but balanced healthy breakfast? What about a nice, quick (warm up the liquid on the stove rather than baking it in the oven , warm porridge! Not the ready-made muesli made of cardboard and sugar, no: mix it yourself and indulge in the variety of seeds and grains that are offered these days (hint: incredible!) such as these delicious canihua seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, teff that come as seeds, pops or flakes. Indulge in the benefits for your health that come with lin seed, or with nuts and almonds, or with the exotic tigernut. Add some healthy fat to the porridge, too (I use lin seed oil and coconut for a balanced fat acid profile). For flavour, knock yourself out on spices such as cardamome, cinnamon, clove, dried ginger, curcuma – or add cacao or carob powder for a chocolatey treat. Once you’ve figured out your fave recipe, it will take you minutes to make it.
Just keep the “king” stuff for lunch. Here’s why:

Our digestive system can metabolise food much better after noon, making lunch the crucial time to get all the healthy, balanced proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats (and even carbs that are needed for the proper digestion).

Only work and no lunch WILL make you a dull boy (or girl)

So, lunchtime is when our system can make the most out of what we feed it.
Do you get the gravity of what your body acts like if it gets a trans fats loaden chocolate bar, a cigarette, a horrid coffee, or – nothing at its Metabolic High Time?dontskiplunch-openerYup. It says “up yours!” and gives you headache, breakouts, and a complete brain blur for that super important brainstorming meeting in the afternoon. All you will be brainstorming about silently are creative solutions to get more coffeine and sugar. What a sad picture.

Luckily, that’s avoidable! Join Joana, Sonja, our friends and me for our Twitter party and tweet your lunchtime ideas, hot spots, recipes and of course your super healthy meal pictures using the hashtag DontSkipLunch. BTW: when I tweet a location, I add other helpful hashtags too, like #Berlin, #vegan, #raw, #bio etc.:DontSkipLunch-in-action-2-by-beautycalypse DontSkipLunch-in-action-by-beautycalypse DontSkipLunch-on-TwitterNote: sometimes not only us and our friends tweet our lunch inspiration & motivation (here: Lyss of Blyss Chocolate) this hashtag ends up in very random tweets, I have no explanation for that! 😀

By the way, a 2013 German study has the proof: a lunch taken with other people will make you more creative and sociable.

So you’ll be upgrading your professional skills by having proper lunch. Isn’t it fantastic? Oh, and ask Team Gloria founder and ‘How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World’ author Sophia Stuart, this former media executive knows a thing or two about secret lunch clubs and has some nice ideas for getting the best (for yourself and your career) out of your lunchtime.

Useful ideas what to do during lunch break

+ The most obvious: EAT and STAY HYDRATED. If you don’t cater for your body’s needs, it will fight back with a 4 p.m. low, sugar cravings, headache and a complete lack of ideas and concentration
+ Give your eyes a rest: ditch all screens (I tweet #DontSkipLunch only before and/or after the break!). If your job is all about quick reactions and people expect you to be there, set up an autoreply saying that you’re away from your desk and will get back at them as fast as you can after your return (this is how I did it, but you might want to build a system that suits your needs the best)
+ Be context-savvy: don’t force your lunch break into a truly hectic day if there is something urgent to be performed by the team, but wisely allow yourself a couple of 5-15 minutes breaks throughout the day, to walk (even around the office), to stand by an open window, to have a nice soothing cup of tea and, obvisouly, don’t forget to eat something
+ If your lunch break is lush 60 minutes, you could plan one nice networking lunch a week. Meet other people: from your company, from a social business network, even if you don’t look for a new job or a new project – simply socialize
+ Even better: do your friends work nearby? What a nice way to stay in touch by having lunch together, even if it’s once a month!
+ Do what gives you energy. If your lunch break is 30 minutes, those “great things to do during lunch break” like go to a gym or have a massage won’t work for you. Instead, you might find that a quick walk in a nearby park is well worth it!

Whatever you do, don’t skip your lunch.
Get a badge, get a good habit!

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  9. I like that a study has show that lunch taken with other people makes you more creative and sociable. #goodnews

    Your post is a timely reminder that I could do better on the nutrition front. #alwaysroomforimprovement

    • I’m glad it was timely. need to check out your jeans post stat and see what you’ve really learned *evil grin*

    • and it really starts to grow on twitter, tweeps share their ideas, and I think this is a good reminder for some, and above all it should be inspirational and fun 🙂 because humans rarely do things for logical reasons.

  10. Great reminder!

    I have my Chia Pudding right in front of me at the moment. Need something filling but light because of my training session later.

    • I saw you tweet that! bloody pressed for time lately :/