Equinox: Our Year’s Goals Check-Up Time

Join me for a recap of 2014 goals, see if you have missed something fun and/or super useful AND find out why I discontinue a recent blog feat.

My challenges and goals for BEAUTYCALYPSE shared with you, dear Adventurers, in the post “New Year’s Resolutions” included:
> veganising more cookbooks
> obtaining perf skin by following a food/beauty regimen
> discover and share with you lot beauty hacks and lifehack tutorials
> put together a product guide of the healthiest, cleanest, most ethical beauty and lifestyle products that exist
> and to find stunning and ethical (fair; sustainable; non-tox; vegan) bags, shoes, hosiery, underwear, gloves, hats and moto gear.

Well, veganising cookbooks is really h-a-r-d work. I have two serious goals: veganise some genius recipes from my Ladurée cookbook (introd’ here) + make vegan, healthiest possible but gorgeous first French macarons. I’m a huge fan of Berlin-based Makrönchen Manufaktur (uber-charming website | my LS interview with founder | Makrönchen in my made-in-Berlin gift guide), and while those delish little beasts are gluten-free, they are obviously anything but vegan. I know it’s a long way to get where I wanna get, and my first attempts were simply egg-free almond-chia macaroOns filled with all sorts of nut and cashew butter (and just as filling as lembas!), but still. Experimenting is key, amirite?chia-almond-vegan-macaroonsObtaining perfect skin is a tough one too. The easiest was working on a carotenoid-powered healthy complexion. But as for nice, smooth, clean skin… Since I’m allergic to wheat and intensely so, it’s really hard to escape it in food and in beauty products. Just washing my hands at a restaurant with a soap infused with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein will give me a rash; and don’t you even get me started on soy sauce and other sneaky ways of getting a wheat or wheat flour fix! My life has become a very strategic jump (up) and run (away) adventure recently, with lot of planning when travelling or just getting out of the house.hydrolyzedwheatprotein2Compared to this, Beauty Hacks and Lifehacks are a walk in a park. With zombies. 😉 Notable posts were:
a series that you seemed to rather enjoy on winter skin and hair care;
a comprehensive post on hacking goal setting and general life detox;
two posts on good beauty habits (avoid breakouts + workout skin care);
a pain-free perfect smile hack;
the “look your best on Skype” hack;
a two-part Valentine day “hack” for a witty present or a simple, vegan, healthy, raw and delish sweet snack;
and introduced in February – a new series of wellness and beauty related gadget and app tests.
On the first ever DETOX FRIDAY I suggested a super simple hack for self-care for busy bees.blue-eyeAnd here’s the info: after the second, and rather entertaining Detox Friday piece called “What Your Mascara Really Says About You” (that you guys also seemed to like, thank you for your likes and comments! *smooches*) it dawned on me that basically the whole thing here is a Detox Day! So I discontinue Detox Fridays, and have already removed the tag. I want features to make sense. Experimenting again, right? 🙂

As usual, all of my personal picks – or should I gloriously and pompously call them Editor’s Picks? – can be found under the tag “in my beauty case”, and this year’s additions to the same have been aaaaamaaaazing! Look: a gorgeous toxin-free and vegan fragrance Orchidée Blanche by Acorelle or this luxurious Skin&Bones face, body and hair oil. And there are more amazing discoveries to come!koi-mens-worn3Finally, the most recent product review is yesterday’s King of Indigo founder interview with a detailed quality review, but only their leather-label free thus vegan tees and accessories (socks! super cute striped socks! OMG! Dying!!!11one) are making it into my wardrobe this spring.

All in one, even though I wasn’t able to write as much as I initially wanted (due to my super cool day job, so you won’t hear me complain) I’m infinitely happy with the outcome so far.
You see, when I started BEAUTYCALYPSE last year, I have never thought how fast this journey would gain momentum and gather amazing people like you here in my cosy Interwebz corner. Just: WOW. Thanks so much for joining me, dear friends!

And always remember: I’m here for a-l-l your ETHICAL EXCELLENCE questions regarding beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, business, and life! ❤

So tell me, how are your goals doing?
Need some extra motivation? 😉

2 Comments on “Equinox: Our Year’s Goals Check-Up Time

  1. On the veganising cookbooks item, that must indeed be a BEAR of a task. But I will say, I ate in a vegan restaurant last evening (not my usual), and the dessert… omg… unf*&#!ingbelievable! So my hat is off to anyone who can “veganise.” On that note, I’m off to read a few of your “hacks”… so many to choose from!

    Happy weekend!

  2. only you – with the super cool day joy – could go from vegan french pastry items to stripy socks with such carefree abandon and yet genuine scholarship in pursuit of a gentler to the world life.


    _tg xxx