The White Orchid Meditation * Clean Perfume Quest #4

When aromatherapy comes in disguise of a fantastic perfume, it’s time to OMMMM your way to bliss. Check it out.

Hey Adventurers!
Do you remember this natural fragrance line by Acorelle I’ve tested a while ago?

You can look it up, but to make it short, in August 2013 I’d bought four EdP samples by Acorelle. The range is made of nine fragrances created to soothe, to harmonise and to envigorate – yes, you’re right: with the impact in mind essential oils have on our mood.
Earlier this year, I ran into an Acorelle corner at a local LPG (LPG is a Berlin bio supermarket chain) that had the Eau Fraiche products on display. I remembered how much I liked Ochidée Blanche, and bought one. Hey, at about €19 for a 50ml bottle it was a steal, right?orchidee-blanche-packagingNow, other than the EdP range, the Eau Fraiche range spans six fragrances. They are made to stimulate (Jardin des Thés), to balance (Absolu Tiaré), to harmonise (R de Rose), to relieve stress (Orchidée Blanche), to relax (Lotus Bambou) and to soothe (Verveine Agrume). The Eau Fraiche scents come in slender, elegant, matt-and-glossy slim bottles, and the promise to be 100% natural; the latter in four languages. I double-checked with Acorelle’s German rep alva naturkosmetik, and they confirmed that the fragrances were 100% natural: essential oils, flower water, and organic alcohol. The essential oils are not certified organic though. However, for a line of scents that are purely natural, let me tell you: Acorelle delivers like a unicorn on fairy dust!orchidee-blanche-acorelleThe fragrance evolves around soft sandalwood, florentine iris, sweet orange, hawthorn, and other unspecified yet slightly chypre-ish and fruity notes. The harmony is undeniable. The choice of essential oils is very calming, but not in a sleepy, rather in an empowering, active, meditative way. I like to spray it on my meditation pillow, or to wear it for important meetings. First, it’s truly a gorgeous piece of perfume art. Second, it makes me feel great – beyond the nice-sounding name.

{Here are a few links I could gather for you guys so far:
Acorelle’s own online shop (French only, shipping France metropolitaine only)
Acorelle’s German rep and shop at alva naturkosmetik GmbH (German only, shipping Germany-wide, International by request)
Acorelle online shop @ (US/Canada)}

So, Adventurers, do tell: do you have your fave essential oils you use to put you in a specific mood?
Do you prefer blending your own or getting a ready blended mix?
Do you think you, too, could make a perfume – or would enjoy doing it?
I for sure wish there were workshops to book in which I could learn natural fragrance making. 


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  1. botanicart

    I was looking for a new scent….I will be trying this one. Is LPG the only place that carries it?

  2. Heather in Arles

    Like the lovely Gallivanta, I also had to take a moment to “take that in” before moving on! Whoa.
    But this all sounds wonderful, it is in France, now only if my mail dude would deliver it to me if I bought it. *le sigh* I will be bookmarking this for after our move, merci!

  3. What, what….eyes are popping…you have a Bio/organic supermarket chain! I am so taken by this information I can’t concentrate on fragrances.

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