Detox Friday: Self-Care For Busy Girls (and Guys)

Learn just ONE simple trick that will help you stay on top of your game, fit, happy, and sane, despite a busy working schedule.


I spoke with my friend Lyss about it the other day: busy people like us, like YOU – people on a mission; busy doing things; busy building up things, and let’s not forget: dreaming big – have a huuuuuge ON button.

My guess is it’s most probably sitting somewhere next to the ants in our pants. Hehe. Heh.
Everything exciting and in line with our own mission kick-starts us and gets us not just going: running. Bouncing. Performing.
And eventually – feeling o v e r w h e l m e d.


As far as my personal belief goes, it’s “garbage in – garbage out”. Healthy veggies or junk food, great info or ludicrous rumours, time well-spent or time wasted; green juice or a cigarette – every decision either lifts you up or drags you down.

But what it you embrace the lifestyle of “superawesome in – superawesome out” already and yet start feeling burned out or overwhelmed? What’s going on there?

It boils down to three things (not necessarily in this order):
1. You have no off duty time anymore because you’re that busy.
2. The Superawesome in literally drops out because: you start losing connection with where you’re really rooted in and where you’re really going.
3. The Superawesome out AKA What You Do does not pay off for you in a way it should.

But why does all of this happen? Did you lose the reason why and got frustrated? Maybe. But even if all you do makes sense and feels glorious, there still is something that you have forgotten:

You are your #1 priority. Take care of yourself as of your most valuable asset!unwind

Recent research shows that two things are essential for both general and brain health:
EXERCICE and SLEEP. Exercise is what we were made for, it keeps our system going, it stimulates brain health; sleep helps maintain a detoxed (ha!) brain and a healthy body (so we can workout more *cough*).
Another helpful practice to get a fresh perspective is time for ourselves – MEDITATION. Whether religious or not, meditation can help us focus and grow personally, adding value to each day and keeping us line with what drives and motivates us the most.

Now, let’s be honest here: WE ALL KNOW THAT. Sort of. Heard of it. Read it.
How often do we truly find time for relaxation, for exercise, or for that precious “me-time” of meditation and silence?
We’re all guilty. Only where exactly we choose to steal from ourselves, varies individually.
For example, Yours Truly would first cut off sport. (I know, I knooooowww…)
And if it’s either sleep or meditation I can have, I choose sleep.

It seems that what we really need is a trick to actually stick to what we know. AMIRITE?

So this will be today’s lesson. Please meet:


What is that?signpostsSignposts indicate unmistakably what mode you’re in: “this way – work mode”, “this way – me-time”.
By establishing your unique signposts, you make it easier and more fun to stay focused – until you develop good habits and don’t need a reminder. Examples?

In the morning, for a round of meditation and exercise, wear elegant yoga pants that you don’t wear otherwise. Pick an outfit you look so good wearing that you will enjoy putting it on!

To indicate you’re in the work mode, wear an accessory that reminds you “you’re the boss”, something stylish – like an elegant watch or a valuable ring, something that exudes power and confidence – or boosts your creativity and supports you, like a ring from your grandma who has always believed in you. Remember: I’m not talking status symbols.

By simply taking off your work accessories in the evening, you will start feeling more relaxed and literally take off a certain weight. Choosing a beautiful tea cup for your first off duty cuppa in the afternoon will signal “time off is near, yay” – make it your daily equivalent to TGIF.

Have a nice and tox-free pillow spray to ring in bedtime. Choose funny shirts or socks to wear at home for movie marathons:funny-socks-KOIGet a funky chef’s apron for cooking dinner for friends and family. Support the role you’re in – but put the healthiest of roles first: MEDITATION, WORKOUT, SLEEP.

Personally, I put on cocktail rings when I have to write and to make phone calls; I enjoy both their weight while working and the moment when I take them off in the evening.”


Sleep and brain health:
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Exercise and brain health:
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15 Comments on “Detox Friday: Self-Care For Busy Girls (and Guys)

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  2. For the past 3 months I brought back yoga into my life (2-3 times a week) and feel great. I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner . But as you mention, being busy with work and all, I pushed my personal needs on the back burner. Not anymore! I definitely like your signpost ideas!!!

    • I’m glad you found it helpful 😉 I like to remind myself and others that in life it’s pretty much like they tell you to do when on a plane: if the oxygen drops, put the mask over your face and then help others. otherwise you might not be able to actually help them 🙂

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  4. Interesting! I am definitely guilty of losing concentration when I’m supposed to be working but not being able to switch off when I’m supposed to be relaxing. I’ll give it a whirl and let you know how it goes.

    • the trick is repeating the good new habit 🙂 good luck!

  5. Excellent idea to have signposts. Unfortunately, my signs of the day have said ‘Slopping about all day with no useful purpose.” Having a good time though 😉 However, I do achieve a lot more if I make more effort to dress appropriately from the moment I step out of bed.

  6. I like your idea of using clothes and accessories to signal or signpost which mode your in. I try to do five minutes (yes only five) yoga in the morning when I get up and I am still in my PJ’s but this doesn’t always happen maybe if I put on some yoga pants first thing it might. 😉

    • five minutes yoga is a lot more than most people do. thumbs up.
      and well, a fancy yoga outfit might be indeed the icing on the cake 😉