Green Beauty Bizz: Wrapping Up The Week

SHORT&SWEET: My key takeaway from the 25th VIVANESS: 49 green brands worth checking out + The 7 Virtues launch at Lafayette Berlin: a delicious Continental Europe première. 


This year’s VIVANESS fair has brought to my attention 49 brands from all over the world. This, my friends, means more great input for BEAUTYCALYPSE product reviews and INCI checks and much more. The brands are not cosmetics only, so stay tuned for a greener, cleaner, altogether healthier everyday life!vivaness-novelties-2014The super-awesome and ever so lovely VIVANESS communications team have also hosted a fun blogger breakfast that I couldn’t attend due to #2 in today’s post; and they’ve launched a VIVANESS/BIOFACH blogzine, inviting bloggers to share their thoughts. Cool.

Photo credit: Nuernberg Messe/Frank Boxler


You have read a lot about The 7 Virtues perfumes here already, and know just how much I love this Canadian brand and their fragrance of peace – which is by the way vegan + free of phthalates and parabens. Yesterday they had a very festive Continental Europe launch at the Galeries Lafayette Berlin; the presentation included words of praise by Lafayette management and the press attaché of the Canadian Embassy, a speech by Barb herself, all followed by an elegant lunch for the press.the7virtues-launches-at-lafayette-berlinThe fragrant menu included such refined things as a cold orange soup with jasmin tea that definitely smelled like a perfume. Lafayette Gourmet is indeed a very inspiring little world on its own, but oh-la-la, watch them calories…lafayette-menu-hommageI had a fun time discussing how a perfume can be vegan with my table neighbours, and it was interesting to watch how people react to the concept of creating a unique blend: some said they loved it (the perfume Nerds – who also loved my personal “recipe cards” you can see below), some said they prefer buying a great scent and never worriying about how to mix it again, but everybody seemed to rather enjoy the four fragrances. Which is a win!recipe-card-the7virtuesHere’s to a happy German journey for Barb and The 7 Virtues!


Having received a lot of questions following up with my first Soul Detox article – and counting! – I decided to establish a feature you guys can count on.
So from now on…
Every Friday, no matter what, BEAUTYCALYPSE will host a Detox Friday! In fact, so many things fit this description as I move on with my Quest – from toxins in our cosmetics to poison in our food, furniture and whatnot to messy “toxic” time management, negative thinking that kills our unique potential & wisdom, up to dangerously toxic relationships.
You remember that I believe that true beauty can’t dwell in a vacuum, and a greater harmony must be found.
So Detox Friday will be a wrap-up of what I’ve learned, and so YOU can help me make it even more helpful for you if you keep those great questions coming!

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear Adventurers!


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