Vegan Orange Curd: Quick, Raw, Easy * My Simple Healthy Recipes #8

Without eggs, and with just a bit of coconut sugar, this 2-ingredient bitter orange curd is a delicious, pectin-rich, aromatic and sunny treat with a low GI.

First and foremost: pick organic oranges and make sure that their peel is safe to


Why not? 🙂
I came up with the curd idea as I was chopping orange fillets for my porridge the other day. I felt a bit exhausted and thought I might be getting a cold, and was looking for a power breakfast to cheer me up. And the peel that I cut away, all that bright orange, soft white, and sweet and juicy pulp bits – seemed just too good for the garbage bin.vegan-orange-curd-in-jarInstead, I have chopped all of it, and grated some peel to obtain those slightly oily, and highly fragrant super-bright orange flakes, added one tablespoon of coconut sugar (though agave sugar would have been a perfect match, too), threw in one tablespoon of fresh orange juice, and let the mix simmer until the sugar was dissolved and the peel got visibly softened – but of course not overcooked. Don’t let it boil; you want a slow heat for maybe 20 minutes, and you need to watch it constantly. I call it cooking meditation.

Then simply blend the mix to obtain the desired texture, but don’t overdo.
You’ll notice that it gets more jelly-like as it sits in the fridge: hello pectin!


Closer look at an orange (per 100g):
GI: 45
Rich in vitamin C
ORAC: 1819quick-easy-vegan-bitter-orange-curdCloser look at coconut sugar (per 100g):
GI: 35
Rich in minerals
ORAC: 2200

That’s why I wanted to keep the ingredients raw and the yield small: one full 140ml mason jar.
Stored in the fridge, it remained fresh, fragrant and delicious for 5 days and would last probably longer, but I think 5 days are just fine.

The possibilites to use the curd are manifold: from scones to cake frosting, from smoothies to sauces.


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