Dear Adventurers, the promised shoutout: please visit -> The Next Women <- to discover my interview with the game-changing social entrepreneur Barb Stegemann.

read-my-interview-with-barb-stegemann-the-next-womenThis interview features priceless business advice, topped off with some truly uplifting philosophy.


Next week, Barb’s company – The 7 Virtues, fragrances of peace that you can blend to create your own and that are also free of parabens, phthalates and any animal ingredients (= vegan) – is going to launch in Berlin, Germany. Let’s say YES to this:
Sagt JA zum Deutschland-Start! 😀
And if you have German friends who ask you “wo kaufen?” (‘where do I get it?’) you can simply say: Why, at Galeries Lafayette Berlin.

Yours Truly is very happy for T7V to take off in Continental Europe, and excited to see Barb in Berlin next week.
So if you have questions to Barb, knock yourself out in the comments (but make sure to read her story first) – and I’ll make sure to ask her!

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  1. I just read the article: What a woman! And what a great interview 🙂 An uplifting and inspiring read, thank you! I can only imagine the fragrances to be incredible: made with love & for love/peace. xx Liz

    1. I love how she brings together ethics and business. we need more of that spirit, right?

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