Winter Beauty, Part 3: Make-Up

How to look your glowing best at sub-zero temperatures. Men, read it too – and share with your ladies.


Until now we have looked at WINTERTIME SKIN CARE and WINTERTIME HAIR CARE (and WARMING RECIPES!) designed for ladies and gents alike.opener-winter-skin-care-makeupToday’s topic is make-up wearers only. But then, gentlemen, simply share this article with your girlfriends, female coworkers, sisters, mothers, wives. That would be very thoughtful of you. And even before Valentines appears on your radar, oh, all the brownie points!

Winter Make-Up Tips: Textures To Avoid On Chilly Days

Experience is a tough teacher, and by now I tend to avoid anything that adds to the stress my skin is already exposed to. Means I avoid such products as: liquid foundation, products with otherwise liquid or creamy texture (eyeshadow, blush), waterproof eye make-up products, and most lipsticks. These products don’t have to – but can contain drying ingredients, and act unexpectedly as the temperatures sink – with the sad results of mild frostbite, broken eyelashes, and chapped lips.

What make-up products can you use on colder days? Two (and a half) things:
> Oily products
> Dry products e.g. mineral makeup (we’ve discussed proper moisturising for your face and lips earlier in this series)
> The use of liquid product should be limited.winter-beauty-eyelinerExample: I wear liquid eyeliner, but if the temperatures drop below -15/-20°C, I use mineral pigment instead – and I don’t use any mascara at all because waterproof is a no-go and non-waterproof is not a good choice when it snows or when your eyes are watering from the chilly wind.

Make-up Tips For Cold Weather: Colours and Other Tricks

Ilia Beauty “Bang Bang” (bright red lip conditioner); Everyday Minerals neutral mauves/rosewood of a now discontinued series as I had to find out; Cattier pure organic shea butter (a base for all my winter lip stains really); Lily Lolo “Damson Dusk” Lip Gloss with cacao butter.

As our skin gets kissed by the cold, our faces get rosy. Logically, this will be emphasized by same or complementary colours (red and green). TIP #1: It’s always safe to pick neutrals.But I like to keep a bright red lip stain to wear inside when I’m not just out for a walk.

My go-to winter look basics, from left to right: Everyday Minerals Jojoba Foundation in “Olive Fair”; Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Brush in “Guava”; and an eyeshadow that’s perfect for defining my brows – Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeshadow “Raven”.

TIP #2: Don’t wear too much foundation, only cover up the shadows and the areas that get red with mineral concealer around your nose and between the eyebrows, where the shadows are the most visible. Just a pinch of mineral foundation will do!winter-beauty-makeup-basicsTIP #3: Your summer look will not work well in winter. Why? Think how wearing hats and shawls changes the shape of your face, in other words – what’s visible of your face has a different shape. So your usual blush might make you look chubby, or your otherwise beautifully shaped eyebrows will suddenly go unnoticed.

When creating your Signature Winter Look (it’s really fun!), try on your hats and shawls of different colours, check what works for you, experiment with make-up techniques you don’t wear otherwise. You never wear eyeshadow in summer? Try mineral eyeshadow thath compliments your eye colour in winter, because – wooly hats and huge eyes, is it cute or what? Be bold and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how the simplest tricks can give you a stunning brand new look!”

winter-beauty-nail-polishTIP 4#: Find a statement colour for your fingernails. As for water-based nail polishes, I found out to my utter dismay that they don’t seem to work for me in winter. Gloves on and off left me with a very poor result once too often and now, in winter, water-based polish removal managed to actually damage my nails a bit. So for the colder months, to make my thin pale cold fingers look more polished (no pun intended), I settled for this dark blue I’ve reviewed earlier on in 2013. It could be even better, but let’s just take in that it’s by far the cleanest formula I’ve ever seen. It’s 11-free in fact. Yup. 11. E-L-E-V-E-N. Who’s your daddy? Ha!


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NEXT: Winter Beauty, Part 2: Skin Care – Avoid chapped hands and lips (“unisex advice” for the win!)

winter-beauty-makeup-toolsNow what do you say:
A. Agree?
B. Disagree?
C. I’m a guy and got bored during lunch break, boy you have issues.


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  1. A! Everyone always talks about what to do in the hot weather to keep your makeup from sliding off, but I’ve never seen anyone talk about winter. Now that you’ve pointed it out, I realize how many makeup challenges there are in the winter. Another one is wearing lipstick or gloss with a scarf around your face – you’re either going to get color all over your scarf or get fuzz and hair all over your lips.

          1. They should make plastic-lined scarves. 😉 You’d have to let the beet kiss dry before you go out – I’ve seen YouTube videos of folks rubbing their lips with a chunk of beet, their cheeks too. Though you would then have pink fingers.

  2. Heather in Arles

    Agree! And thank you for the reminder to stick to neutrals when romping outside and to turn up the volume for my nails.
    Bon Weekend!

  3. Well, I would have to agree except that it doesn’t get cold enough here for me to be too concerned with these issues. And, I would like to pretend to be a guy and answer C. because it’s just too funny.

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